Novartis Becomes the Latest Pharma Company to Give Up on Antibiotics Research

Much like climate change, the growing emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacterial superbugs is a ticking time bomb that threatens our very way of life. It’s also a very expensive problem to tackle, and Big Pharma has struggled to find any promising solutions. On Wednesday, yet another major pharmaceutical—the Swiss-based Novartis—announced it is dropping out of the antibiotics game. Read More >>

A DIY Pharmaceutical Revolution is Coming – if it Doesn’t Kill Us First

As Mixael Laufer tells it, the vision came to him in El Salvador. Laufer was visiting South America as a human rights envoy, touring a tiny, rural mountain town with the Marin County Peace and Justice Coalition. When he arrived at the town’s medical clinic, it had just run out of birth control. Read More >>

Upcoming PC Game Megaquarium Is “Roller Coaster Tycoon But With Fish”

Twice Circled, the Bristol game studio behind Theme Hospital-esque Big Pharma, has announced its next title: and it's Roller Coaster Tycoon with fish. That's a great sell. Read More >>

Resistance to ‘Last Resort’ Antibiotics Being Spread to Humans by Flies

The agricultural industry has long been considered an enemy of humanity when it comes to recklessly pumping antibiotics into animals. In further evidence that this practice is fuelling a public health crisis, a new study has found a disconcerting trend at Chinese farms: flies are spreading the gene that gives bacteria resistance to our strongest antibiotics, and it’s showing up in hospitalised humans. Read More >>

Idiot Who Says Zika Is a Conspiracy Still Wants People to Buy His Bug Spray

Websites like Natural News accuse the US Centers for Disease Control of orchestrating a global conspiracy around the Zika virus. Specifically, they claim that the illnesses and birth defects that people are seeing have nothing to do with the virus, but instead have something to do with “chemicals” and vaccines. But Natural News still wants people to buy their bug repellent. Read More >>