Make Any Bike Electric With This Add-On Wheel

Sometimes I feel like my entire life is spent commuting — by train, taxi, or on foot. But biking is by far my favourite way to get around in NYC, except for those minutes I spend huffing over the Manhattan bridge. That’s where Evelo’s Omni Wheel comes in. The after-market add-on can transform most bikes into an electric-powered commute machine. And it works — for the most part. Read More >>

Chris Froome Accused of Having a Secret Electric Motor in His Bike

The French media aren't particularly happy that a British rider is set to win the Tour de France again this year, with a storm surrounding likely winner Chris Froome and suggesting that surely no one can be a winner without cheating any more. Read More >>

I Rode a Bike on Water, and it Was Incredible

Walking on water? Pssh. I rode a bike on water. Read More >>

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Face of Gun-Wielding Bike Thief Captured in 1080p Glory by Owner’s GoPro

This amazing clip shows the moment a mountain biker had his wheels nicked in an armed hold-up in South Africa, with the gunman also demanding the rider's mobile, car keys and sunglasses. Sadly for the robber, he didn't ask for the helmet-mounted GoPro -- which recorded every detail of his face at 1080p clarity and allowed police to make an arrest. [YouTube via Reddit] Read More >>

20 Crazy Rides From the Dawn of the Bicycle

So we may say that, for a few brief decades before motorcycles and cars took over, the bicycle was the most advanced personal land vehicle around. And those decades were not just glorious but soulful and funny at the same time. Read More >>

Can a Helmet Made From Recycled Newspapers Really Protect Your Noggin?

As bike rental programs get more and more popular in big, tourist-friendly cities around the world, wouldn't it be great if occasional cyclists could get a temporary helmet on the cheap? That's the goal of the designers behind the Paper Pulp Project, who have designed a bike helmet made from recycled newspaper that costs less than £1.50 to produce, but is claimed to protect as well as a more expensive option. Read More >>

This Bicycle Wheel-Integrated Suspension Eats Cobbled Streets for Breakfast

Small, foldable bikes have become a staple of city commutes for all those of us cycling to catch trains or zooming across town to work. Unfortunately, for all the convenience of folding up nice and neat, those mini road-beasts tend not to pack any suspension to soften the pothole-blows to your behind. Read More >>

Don’t Worry Cyclists, There’s a Swiss Army Knife For You Now Too

Weighing just 99 grams and folding away into a compact package that's easy to pocket, Victorinox's new Swiss Army Bike Tool is the perfect weapon against misaligned handlebars and other on-the-road cycling emergencies. Read More >>

Nobody Would See You Coming on This Beautiful Transparent Bike, If It Existed

From certain angles you can barely see this beautiful bicycle—because it's made from the same strong, lighthtweight and transparent plastic used in fighter jet canopies. It's the perfect stealth bike. Read More >>

This Audi Designed Electric Bike Is Pure Carbon-Fibre Porn

Electric bikes have always looked really dorky and cumbersome, and they just don't have the same design appeal as their more traditional, manual cousins -- especially gorgeous fixies. But Audi, of course, has taken the formula, cranked it up to 11, and came out with something that oozes sex appeal and will have any bike nerd lusting after it. Read More >>

Coat Hangers Made From Bike Parts Are Beautiful if Impractical

Bicycles are so damn hip these days that they're infiltrating every aspect of culture. Whatever: here's a great, quirky piece of up-cycling that takes disused bicycles parts and converts them into a set of beautiful coat hangers. Read More >>

If You Can’t Afford a Lamborghini Aventador, Maybe You Can Afford a Lambo Bike Instead?

If you’re anything like me you’ve been lusting after the new Lamborghini Aventador since it was launched. Sadly, again like me, you’re probably never going to have enough money to afford one, but how about a Lambo bike instead? It’s a snip at only £16,400. Read More >>

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Hacking a BMX Bike to Spin Sick Beats

COGOO, a Japanese bike-sharing service has invented the most face-melting way to ride on a pair of wheels. It took a BMX bike and turned it into a DJ toolkit, so jumps and tricks become fresh beats. Read More >>

Jumping a Bike While Someone Spits Fire On You Looks Really Fun

Jumping over a bunch of stuff riding a mountain bike is a lot of fun. Do you know what is a lot more fun? Jumping over a bunch of stuff riding a mountain bike while some dude spits fire all over you! [Thanks Karl!] Read More >>

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It Must Be Hard to Ride This Good With Balls This Big

We’ve seen our fair share of crazy mountain bikers, but this one is just insane. The sheer speed, crazy agility and immense skill – this guy is simply a legend. Read More >>