A Smooth Ride and Built-In Tracking Make Cannondale’s Treadwell a Bike for the Rest of Us

For some people, a bicycle provides nothing more than a casual cruise on a lazy Sunday afternoon. For others, it’s a reliable daily commuter, and a bike can even be a great way to stay in shape and shed a few pounds. Cannondale’s new Treadwell EQ makes a strong case that a bike can be all three of those things, and at a price that doesn’t make you feel like you should be competing in the Tour de France to justify what you spent. Read More >>

Tarmac Cycle Path the Last Straw for Lake District Activists

One local council in the Lake District has turned on the group in charge of managing the national park, with the enraged bureaucrats of Keswick Town Council passing a vote of no confidence in operators of the Lake District National Park Authority. Read More >>

ScotRail Throws its Own Hire Bikes in Metaphorical Canal

The Bike & Go cycle hire scheme that saw a few knackered old red clunkers dumped outside Scottish rail stations is to close, with rail bosses saying hire numbers are down and the concept simply isn't paying for itself. Read More >>

Cyclist Hits 174mph Record Thanks to a Tow and a Car

British cyclist Neil Campbell is the new fastest man on two unassisted wheels, after pedalling his DIY bike at an average speed of 174.3mph along North Yorkshire's Elvington Airfield this weekend. Read More >>

Ebike Renters Hope the People of Dundee Won’t Trash Their Machines

A new city is about to challenge its residents to hound-out a bike-sharing business, with Dundee set to host 350 electric bikes lovingly positioned about its streets by the city's incoming international partner Ride-On. Read More >>

The £90,000 Arc Vector is High-Tech and Goes Like the Wind, But it Costs Silly Money

Modern petrol-powered motorcycles are quick off the mark no doubt, but a growing number of new electric models could be set to push the boundaries further. Two-wheels and plenty of battery power, combined with a lightweight design means the instant burst of torque you get from a battery and electric motor configuration is perfect for bikes. Which is exactly why the Arc Vector is getting a lot of attention. Read More >>

The Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Will be Arriving in Lego Form Next Week

Have you ever looked at all the fancy real-life cars Lego's made and wished there was something more suitable for the two-wheel lovers out there? Well, there's some good news if any of you are out there, because Lego has announced that the next Creator Expert set will be a recreation of Harley-Davidson's Fat Boy motorbike. Read More >>

Usain Bolt Launches His Electric Scooter Range in London

Bolt Mobility, an electric scooter sharing startup backed by sprinter Usain Bolt, has launched in London, even though citizens are not allowed to ride them anywhere outside their four cubic metre hallway cupboard conversion flats. Read More >>

Ebikes to Join Cycle to Work Scheme

The government has rejigged the rules covering the employer-backed Cycle to Work scheme, which lets users borrow the cost of a new bike then pay it back gradually out of their wages before any tax is paid, making it a tax efficient way of buying your dream new bicycle. As long as you have a job to pretend to ride to. Read More >>

Analog Motion AM1 Ebike Review: Cheaper, Cheerful

The Analog Motion AM1 was one of last year's big Kickstarter winners, proudly sitting on a total take of £333,486 -- blowing away initial targets and proving that yes, electric bikes are definitely a thing and cheaper ones are particularly desirable. Read More >>

Halfords Bashes Out the Ebikes for Under £400 Now

Halfords has applied the insane price crash algorithm to its in-house electric bike range, and is now selling an entry-level assisted bicycle for just £398. Obviously it'll be a bit rubbish for that money, but rubbish enough to live with and not hate and be embarrassed by? That's the key question we all face when making buying decisions. Read More >>

Freebike Joins the Canal-Throwing Challenge With London Ebike Launch

Relatively new and unscathed transport startup Freebike is about to unleash a fleet of electric bikes in London, rivalling Uber's Jump scheme but for folk in suits who work or commute around the City area. Read More >>

Uber Has Some Posh New Electric Bikes to Chuck in London’s Canals

Uber thinks it has worked out exactly what London needs to solve its various transport crises; more dockless bikes. It has launched 350 of them today in the borough of Islington, with the thrilling twist that these ones are assisted electric pedelecs that give riders a thrill by powering the pedals up to 15mph or so. Read More >>

Scooter Crime Rates Fall After Moped Gang Jailed for a Wheelie Long Time

London police have rounded up a moped gang whose list of crimes paired with their all-black ensemble would have us rooting for them in some blockbuster film glamorising their elaborate heists. But this is the real world, and spraying the fuzz with fire extinguishers and leading them on a high-speed chase through the city isn't cool, kids. Read More >>

Revealed: The Hidden Geography of London’s Cycle Hire Scheme

London’s Cycle Hire bikes are one of the best things to happen to London in the 21st century. Since launching in July 2010, they have transformed mobility for millions of people: no more squeezing onto crowded buses or descending into the depths of the tube – you can breeze through central London, and arrive at work with a sense of joy rather than with your spirit crushed. Read More >>