Mountain Biking Down an Abandoned Mine Shaft Is a Dimly Lit Descent Into Hell

There are lots of places to go off-road mountain biking if you’re looking for a cheap thrill (or the chance to break your neck). But one of the most dangerous has to be riding into an abandoned mine shaft. If your flashlight dies as you’re pedalling deep into the earth, you’re probably screwed. Read More >>

Electric MotoGP Races are Coming by 2019

The organiser of the MotoGP bike racing series is about to embrace the electric movement, revealing a plan to introduce a standalone electric bike event to run alongside the petrol MotoGP tournaments from the 2019 season. Read More >>

UK Entrepreneur Crowdfunds Safety Handlebars After Almost Knocking Down Cyclist

Bike safety is something everyone gets pretty worked up about, from the cyclists risking their lives on terrifying London junctions to the drivers who have flashbacks of nearly hitting one. Read More >>

500 Bikes Will Soon be Dumped on Cambridge

A new bike sharing scheme is about to launch in the gently undulating bike nirvana of Cambridge, with Chinese firm Ofo soon to test our national sense of honesty by leaving 500 rental bikes undocked for riders to casually tool about on. Read More >>

Sinclair C5: The Next Generation

Grant Sinclair, who shares a name and some DNA with his uncle Sir Clive Sinclair, would like to revolutionise cycling in a way that his uncle failed to do so with his C5 back in the 1980s. It's a sort of spiritual successor to the electric tricycle called the Iris eTrike Extreme, yours for £3.5k at the end of this year. Read More >>

London Roundabout Tops the UK’s Cycling Accident Blackspot List

The roundabout that directs traffic off the Lambeth Bridge and into Millbank and the rest of central London has been shamed as the country's biggest accident blackspot for cyclists, with 53 serious accidents involving bike/car interactions recorded there since 2009. Read More >>

James May in “Likes Bicycles” Shock

James May, of car association fame, would like to shock you. He'd also like you to read the Drivetribe web site as well, where he's posted an extremely out of character love letter to the art of bicycling. Read More >>

Living Room Cyclist Completes VR Land’s End to John O’ Groats Run

You might remember Aaron Puzey from last year, when he said he'd built a homebrew VR system that would let him ride the length of the UK along the traditional Land's End to John O' Groats from the comfort of his home. Well he did and he's just finished so there. Read More >>

This Motorcycle With Snowmobile Tracks is the Most Overkill Way to Crush Your Winter Commute

Forget about trying to cram your way onto an already packed underground carriage when it’s snowy and you need to get to work. Motorcycle maker Christini has applied its expertise in building two-wheel drive bikes to a new snow-thrashing machine called the II-Track Snow Bike system that promises to make wintery commutes actually enjoyable. Read More >>

London Finds £770m to Spend on Becoming More Bike Friendly

London's mayor Sadiq Khan is going all-out to continue the capital's transformation into a bike-friendly commuter heaven for carbon-front-forked racers, with a staggering £770m put aside to speed the city's move to bicycles over the next five years. Read More >>

London Student’s Foldable Bike Helmet Wins £30,000 James Dyson Design Award

A foldable, and recyclable bike helmet has won this year's prestigious James Dyson design award, it has been announced. Read More >>

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What It’s Like to Mountain Bike Through One of Mexico’s Most Treacherous Cities

You might have to dodge the occasional pedestrian or taxi driver who didn’t notice you next to their car. But even if you commute to work by bike in a big city, your ride will never be as thrilling as downhill urban mountain bike racing appears to be. Read More >>

This Bike Lock Fires Pepper Spray at Thieves

Bike crime is a bit of a problem, and it can be difficult to retrieve anything that gets stolen. A good lock is an essential piece of kit, but the Skunklock takes things to a whole new level. It sprays a pepper spray-like cloud at would-be thieves. Read More >>

All-Electric Bike Hire Scheme Launches in Exeter

The city of Exeter has launched the first city-wide electric bike hire scheme in the UK, with the five hire sites of today -- including one at Exeter Central train station -- hopefully increasing to eight by early next year. Read More >>

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How to Pull Off a Wicked Wheelie

You know what’s nice? Seeing someone work hard at, and eventually accomplish a goal, even if that goal is something as semi-useless as popping a 100-metre wheelie on a bike. For that reason, Mike Boyd is the human embodiment of motivational clams guy. Read More >>