Riding an E-Bike Has Changed My Entire Perspective on How We Get Around

Summer was just barely kicking off. My boyfriend was skating ahead of me on his longboard as I trudged behind – slowly – on my bicycle up a hill. No matter how hard I tried, I could not keep up. I was covered in sweat, annoyed, and over our goddamn excursion to the nearby park. Look, I love bikes, but I fucking hate hills and pedalling up them at snail speed, looking like a goddamn weakling. Read More >>

A Highway Code Review Wants to Better Explain Why Bikes and Pedestrians Are Allowed to Be There

The government's about to conduct a review of the Highway Code what with the new emphasis it's placing upon active travel, and is looking at ways of better underlining the rights-to-be-there covering cyclists, pedestrians and, er, horse riders. The latter of which will enhance accessibility for the riders of the apocalypse. Read More >>

England Pivots to Bicycles With £2bn Investment in Thousands of Miles of Protected Bike Lanes

There's a small chance that, a few decades from now, Boris Johnson's time at the helm of the UK will be remembered in a positive light, as he's currently taking all the credit for pushing for a massive cycling revolution across England; backed by £2bn to spend on protected cycle lanes. Thousands of miles of 'em. And paint and plastic cones will not cut it any more. Read More >>

National Cycle Network to Delete Thousands of Car-Packed Miles from its Map

The National Cycle Network is planning a massive rejig of its routes, and is about to cut nearly 4,000 miles of cycle connection from its official maps in order to remove riskier runs that involve mingling with cars. Read More >>

VanMoof Bike Ad Banned for its Anti-Car Imagery

France's advertising police has banned an advert for electric bike firm VanMoof, describing the ad as helping to spread a "climate of fear" surrounding car use and all the bad things associated with it. The ad highlights pollution and congestion and suggests bikes are the shock new answer to not breathing in car all the time. Read More >>

Scooter Demand Has Trebeled Because People Are Avoiding Coronavirus-Exposure on Public Transport

When you ask someone to think of scooters, and they don't get confused with the foldable metal contraptions, they probably think of food delivery people or teenagers who are too young (or otherwise unable) to drive a car. But apparently there's a lot of increased demand right now, all thanks to the coronavirus. Read More >>

Scary Crash Video Is a Good Reminder That You Don’t Actually Want a Hoverbike

Science fiction makes flying cars and hoverbikes seem like the ultimate way to get around town, and one day they might be. But for now, the limits of technology mean you really want to avoid climbing aboard a flying bike, as this unfortunate crash of the Russian Hoversurf Scorpion demonstrates. Read More >>

Police Cyclists Go Undercover to Monitor Dangerous Driving

A handful of lucky cycling police officers within the Avon and Somerset force have landed the dream job of smashing it about on bikes during work time, as part of a mind-games war on dangerous local drivers. Read More >>

Don’t Forget Electric Bikes When Hurriedly Terraforming the Roads, Says Energy Think Tank

If you are a bit sad about the prospect of the clean air disappearing from our cities when life returns to normal it might be time to consider an electric bike, as one clean energy research centre says switching from car to e-bike for commuting could save 0.7 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere each year. Per person. Read More >>

London Council to Deploy Emergency Buckets of Flowers to Slow Drivers

Here's a tentative addition to the positive Covid-19 developments list we're all imagining in our heads, as one London council is planning to temporarily obstruct certain "rat run" roads to better protect pedestrians and cyclists from drivers emboldened into speeding by the empty locked-down roads. Read More >>

Bike Training to be Offered to Every Child in England

The government is about to raise funding for cycle training across England, and is promising that an additional 400,000 places on various local schemes will be made available – enough for every child in the country to have a few sessions and lessons. Lesson one: It's all your fault and get out of the way for the nice man in his Audi who's already late because there was a queue of inexperienced young shoppers taking too long to pay in Costa. Read More >>

E-Scooters Solve Nothing, Says European Environment Agency

The grim flood of crappy e-scooter hire schemes we're about to see enabled will not do anything for the environment or the cleanliness of our grey city air, because the people likely to impulse-hire one for a ten-minute laugh would've walked or got the train or bus instead, had the thing not been temptingly dumped in a tangled pile of metal in some urban doorway. Read More >>

London Tests Alleged AI for Counting Cyclists

Transport for London is seriously glorifying its latest batch of sensors, claiming that the installation of 43 Vivacity traffic monitors somehow makes London a smart city in which AI dominates the decision-making process. Read More >>

Lego Criticised for Failing to Protect Pretend Cyclists

A man's having another go at raising support for his Lego Idea, after two failed attempts at getting the toymaker to redesign its road pieces to include cycles lanes. Preferably segregated, but anything would be better than nothing. Read More >>

London Prepares for First Zero-Emission Street

An exciting new green road sign is about to appear in London, as the introduction of an "experimental traffic order" will see one road become the capital's first zero-emission vehicle street, introducing a sign telling road users about the new laws covering Beech Street. Read More >>