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Shattering the Bike Land Speed Record at 183.9MPH Looks Weirdly Chill

On Sunday, the Bonneville Salt Flats in the US state of Utah were witness to yet another land speed record being shattered. Extreme cyclist Denise Mueller-Korenek hopped on her two-wheeled ride, and with the assistance of a streamlined pace vehicle, hit an average speed of 183.932 miles per hour over a distance of three-and-a-half miles. Read More >>

Mobike Politely Removes Bikes From Hire in Manchester

Mobike has followed through with its threat to pull its fleet of hire bikes out of Manchester, and is now returning the deposits and account credit of local users and shipping the bikes out to other spots around the UK. Read More >>

Quebec City’s New, Over-Designed Bike Racks Cost a Staggering £14,000 Each

Making a bustling city more bike-friendly can be a good way to cut down on traffic and congestion. But while introducing dedicated bicycle lanes to existing roads can be an expensive upgrade, adding more bike racks shouldn’t be, which is why cyclists in Quebec City, Quebec, are miffed that the city is adding just seven of them at a cost of $165,000 CDN (£99,000). That comes out to a little over £14,000 each. Read More >>

Bike-Sharer Could be Hounded Out of Manchester by Vandals

The bike-sharing trend is taking another pounding today, with Mobike — operator of several city cycle hire schemes in the UK — threatening to pull out of Manchester unless the locals start treating its fleet of orange rental bikes with a bit more respect. We suspect saying this publicly may indeed have the opposite effect and more will start making their way up trees and around lamp posts. Read More >>

Brit Pensioner Thinks He Can Get His Bike up to 93mph

75-year-old cyclist and famed bike designer Mike Burrows has had another dream to outdo his previous achievements in the cycling world. He's up for the challenge of setting the human-powered transport world record this September, in a self-designed bike he'll be smashing around the flat, warm and beautifully tarmacked cycling paradise of Battle Mountain in Nevada. Read More >>

Hot Weather is Making Boris Bikes More Popular Than Ever

If you've been in London recently you'll know that it's damn hot, and it's been that way for a while. It's the kind of heat that makes it a bit of a nightmare to go on any public transport that doesn't have air conditioning - which is most of it. But rather than jumping on the Bakerloo Line or a Roastmaster to boil in your own juices, you could grab yourself one of the Santander Bikes. Assuming there are any left. Read More >>

Ambulance GPS Outs Bike Crash Compensation Fraudster

Luboya Tshibangu did fall off his bike in December of 2012 in the Cardiff Bay area, that much everyone agrees on. The problem for Tshibangu is that he said he hit a pothole that was 1km away from where the ambulance scraped him up, a fact verified by the ambulance's GPS. Read More >>

Uber is Bringing its Electric Bike Sharing Service to Europe

About two months ago Uber announced that it had acquired Jump, an electric bike rental service operating in cities across the US. It's just like the several million bike sharing schemes that seem to be operating across the world, with a dockless system that people have enjoyed taking advantage of by dumping bikes wherever they damn well please. Well Uber has announced it's bringing the service to Europe, starting in Berlin. Read More >>

Ikea Recalls its Sladda Bike Due to Belt-Snappage Risks

Ikea's Sladda bike, a supposedly indestructible aluminium-framed commuter with two automatic hub gears, a coaster brake, and a 10-year guarantee on its oil-free, chainless belt drive system, is being recalled. Because that belt drive system is prone to snapping. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s Tests Delivery by Mini Fleet of Electric Bikes

Supermarket chain Sainsbury's has invented a new category of home delivery – the home delivery by electric cargo bike, for people who can restrain themselves to only ordering slightly less than 125kg of shopping and live within three miles of a branch. Read More >>

Bike Thefts Are Up Because People Have Nice Ones Now

Reports of the stealing of bicycles are up, with the nationwide average increasing by 17 per cent last year when compared with 2015, and one particular London borough seeing ride-aways grow by a shocking 44 per cent. Read More >>

Couple to do Land’s End to John o’ Groats on Boris Bikes

A man has had what he thinks is a romantic idea. He's taking his wife on an anniversary bike ride, all the way down the length of the entire country, on really heavy bikes with only three gears. We are no relationship experts, but we suspect there will be tears at some point in the midlands. Read More >>

London’s Boris Bikes Might be Shut Down [Update: Mayor’s Office Denies]

Update: The London Mayor's office has denied that Boris Bikes will be phased out. Instead it's been in touch to say Comissioner Brown was actually talking about incorporating technology from other bike-sharing schemed to improve them. Read More >>

Highways Agency Wants to Ban Cyclists From Popular Bit of Road

The Highways Agency is currently running a consultation with locals about what to do with a complicated road problem. The problem being a 10-mile stretch of the A63, where cyclists come to its smooth surface and gentle undulations to attack time trial records while cars whizz past at 70mph. Read More >>

I’d Actually Consider Going to a Spin Class If I Could Ride These Retro-Styled Exercise Bikes

When you think classic American design and cycling, you might think of the Schwinn bike, which looks like it was designed by an aerodynamics-obsessed automotive engineer. Schwinn has long since updated its bike designs, but the company pays homage to its past with an indoor bike that’s oozing with retro charm. Read More >>