Terry Pratchett Predicted the Rise of Nazis Online During an Interview with Bill Gates in 1995

Most of us weren’t online back in 1995, let alone getting most of our news from online sources. But the late fantasy author Terry Pratchett knew what was coming. And a newly unearthed GQ interview from 1995, with Bill Gates no less, reveals that Pratchett really could see the future. Read More >>

Bill Gates Showed Off a Jar of Poo to Get Us Jazzed About Toilets of the Future

Have you ever wondered which tech billionaire thinks the most about pooing? Well, ponder no further. It’s Bill Gates. Read More >>

Paul Allen, Microsoft Co-Founder, Dead at 65

Paul Allen, the man who co-created Microsoft with Bill Gates, one of the largest and most impactful technology companies in history, has passed away. He was 65. Read More >>

Bill Gates Backs Plan to Surveil the Entire Planet From Space

EarthNow is a new company looking to provide satellite imagery and live video in virtually real-time. Its unsettling pitch describes a network of satellites that can see any corner of the globe and provide live video with a latency of about a second. And a look at the startup’s top investors gives a lot of confidence that this thing is happening. Read More >>

Bill Gates Thinks Cryptocurrency Is Killing People ‘In a Fairly Direct Way’

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, whose recent takes have included that Apple should just build a backdoor into the iPhone because the government might demand it anyway, is now warning that cryptocurrency is killing people. Read More >>

Bill Gates Seems to Think Apple Should Just Put a Backdoor in the iPhone

Bill Gates thinks Silicon Valley isn’t worried enough about government regulation. In a new interview, he warned that big tech companies are being reckless in their support for end-to-end encryption, and he made some cryptic comments about Apple. Read More >>

Let’s Talk About Bill Gates’ Plans to Build A ‘Smart Town’

Bill Gates doesn’t seem to be all that interested in maintaining his title as richest man in the world these days. He mostly focuses on philanthropy, but don’t think for a second that he’s lost his capacity for initiating a new benchmark for his rich competitors. Brace yourself: A new era may be approaching in which tech gazillionaires own the town you live in. Read More >>

Jeff Bezos Surges Ahead of Bill Gates to Become World’s Richest Rich Guy

Last night, Amazon share prices surged and Microsoft shares dipped, allowing Jeff Bezos to surpass Bill Gates in new worth, dethroning Emperor Clippy to become the king of the rich nerds for the first time. Read More >>

Jeff Bezos Had a Good Day yesterday

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos just had one of those days that we all have from time-to-time. He officially became the second richest human on the planet and he shut down a business that was founded by one of his bitter rivals. Read More >>

In Kenya, Women’s Smartphone Access Is Controlled By Men

The differences in the way men and women use technology have been studied lots of times, but a new report from Mozilla shows that in some countries, that difference is downright depressing. Read More >>

Famous Dropout Mark Zuckerberg Will Get a Harvard Degree After All

Harvard just announced that Facebook founder and aspiring politician Mark Zuckerberg will deliver this year’s commencement address. As part of the deal, the university will give Zuckerberg an honorary degree and an honorary doctoral gown. This, despite the fact that Zuck dropped out of Harvard College in his second year. Read More >>

Bill Gates Wants To Tax Those Job-Stealing Robots

The world's richest man and quite possibly the world's first trillionaire Bill Gates reckons the robots that will eventually steal your job should pay tax for the privilege. Read More >>

Bill Gates Is Probably Going To Be Our First Trillionaire

Despite constantly giving his money away and spending it on important charity projects, Bill Gates is on track to become the world's first trillionaire, according to a report by Oxfam. Read More >>

Bill Gates Warns That Damage Caused By Bioterrorism Could Be ‘Very, Very Huge’

CRISPR and other powerful new biotechnologies have made science that was once constrained to fancy high-end labs increasingly accessible. This is, of course, mostly a good thing. But it also means that those with nefarious intentions have easier access to the same technologies, too. Read More >>

Hey, Oxfam, Leave Bill Gates Alone

Oxfam has stolen lots of the headlines for itself today, by revealing its calculations that just eight rich men hold as much money between themselves as the bottom half of the entire world. And head rich man guzzling all the gold coins for himself? Bill Gates. What a baddie he must be. Read More >>