Guess Which Science Guy Owns ‘About 500’ Bow Ties

This week, a popular Knowledge Dude revealed that he possesses “about 500" bow ties, but can you guess which one? Read More >>

Here’s Our First Look at Bill Nye’s Even Bigger, Higher-Flying LightSail

Less than a year after the LightSail cubesat successfully deployed its solar sails in space, the Planetary Society has unveiled its successor, an experimental spacecraft designated LightSail-2. Read More >>

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Everything You Need to Know About Earth’s Changing Climate

You’d have to live in an underwater cave to have missed the news that human activity is warming the planet. But climate change is a really complex issue, impacting everything from our atmosphere to our oceans in ways that aren’t always obvious. Still, it’s important that we all try to understand the basics. Read More >>

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Climate Change Explained in Everyone’s Favourite Language: Emoji

Although climate change is a complicated topic, the basic nuances are fairly easy to understand. But in case you (or your local MP) still needs help, here’s American science personality Bill Nye and some emoji to shed some light. Read More >>

The LightSail Solar-Powered Space-Sailer Has Woken Up

For the last few weeks since its launch, an experimental satellite has been orbiting Earth, unable to make ground contact thanks to a software glitch. But earlier today, the spacecraft’s handlers successfully deployed the little craft’s gigantic sail. Read More >>

Bill Nye Uses Emoji to Perfectly Explain Evolution

Children of the '90s probably remember being educated by Bill Nye and his incredible array of bow-ties. But tweens these days probably don't really have the same attention span, so here's the great man himself, explaining evolution in 90 seconds through the medium of emoji. Read More >>

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How Bill Nye Became “The Science Guy”

If you're a bit of a geek (and I know you are because, c'mon, you're reading Gizmodo), you probably grew up watching Bill Nye. The goofy puns, the cheeky visuals, the corny yet cool music videos, all inspired a generation to grow up and do cool things with science. Here's our TV hero's origin story. Read More >>

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Evolution Is the Greatest Show On Earth—And This Video Is Pretty Cool Too

If you liked Carl Sagan's autotuned music videos celebrating the wonders of the cosmos, you will like this one celebrating the wonders of evolution too, featuring David Attenborough, Richard Dawkins and Bill Nye. Read More >>