Oracle CEO Ellison Buys Hawaiian Island; James Bond Gets Nervous

Larry Ellison, the sixth richest man in the world, has just bought 98 per cent of Lanai, the sixth largest island in Hawaii. All the other kids at the billionaires club must have been bullying Ellison over his private island credentials, because his newly purchased chunk of America is 1000 times bigger than Branson's puny piece of off-shore real estate, that'll show 'em. Read More >>

How Much Money Do You Need to Do Scrooge McDuck’s Money Swim?

Along with making it rain, Scrooge McDuck's money swim is a definite sign of excess in success. The question is though, how much money does one need to pull off the money swim? The Billfold tackled the question and came up with a giganto number. Read More >>

Bill Gates
Bill Gates: Being a Billionaire Is Overrated

That Bill Gates, he's such a joker. Apparently you shouldn't bother attempting to be a billionaire like him; after a million, it's pretty much the same. I think Roman Abramovich might disagree, what with his frigate-sized yachts, but we get you Bill -- a packet of Walkers is still only 50p. [GeekWire] Read More >>