The Boys’ Critique of Megacorporations is Pretty Rich

Vought International, the American company that manages the entire country’s population of licensed superheroes in the world of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s The Boys, is a capitalistic leviathan with tentacles reaching into the worlds of law enforcement, the entertainment industry, the military, and a number of other major parts of general society. Sound familiar? Read More >>

Jeff Bezos Is Tragically No Longer Worth $100 Billion

On Black Friday, Amazon CEO and richest man in the world Jeff Bezos — famous for both his dominance of the entire online retail market and pivot to rock-hard biceps — hit a net worth of $100 billion, according to a Bloomberg analysis. Read More >>

70% Of People With Over $1M “Don’t Feel Rich”

What would it take to make you feel rich? Not in a bollocks Pinteresty "the laughter of children is richer than the finest gold" sense, but in an actual, proper, monetary sense? If you had to put a figure on it, what does being rich mean to you? Read More >>

Bill Gates Is Probably Going To Be Our First Trillionaire

Despite constantly giving his money away and spending it on important charity projects, Bill Gates is on track to become the world's first trillionaire, according to a report by Oxfam. Read More >>

Richard Branson Got in Bloody Bike Crash, Lived to Blog About It

In a new blog post for, billionaire Richard Branson writes about his recent flirtation with death, when he got into a gruesome bike accident while training for the Virgin Strive Challenge in the Caribbean. Read More >>

5 Bizarre Quotes That Prove Elon Musk is Probably a Genius

When everyone — including you — jokes that you have a secret volcano lair, it’s probably more than likely some other off-colour remarks might find their way out of your mouth. A new book about Elon Musk contains at least two dozen such statements. If even a third of these are true, he’s probably even smarter than we thought. Read More >>

Britain’s 104 Billionaires are Worth a Combined £301bn

The number of billionaires in Britain has rocketed from 30 to 104 in the space of a decade, as overseas entrepreneurs flood the country thanks to our generous tax system, lovely old houses and selection posh schools for the fortunate kids of the super-rich. Read More >>

Absurd Stock Photos Made The First Silicon Alley Billionaire

Photos of garbage or (fully clothed) people posing with fruit are big business. Stock photo sites, which provide images for news organizations, blogs, corporate campaigns and all manner of low-budget advertising, have been growing for years. And Shutterstock, founded in 2003 by Jonathan Oringer, has expanded from hosting 30,000 of Oringer's own photos to distributing about 28 million licensed photos/illustrations/videos. And all those cats riding merry-go-rounds have made Oringer a billionaire. Read More >>