7 Other Things Facebook Could Have Bought for £9.5 Billion

Facebook announced yesterday that it's buying messaging app WhatsApp for the completely astounding sum of $16 billion plus $3bn in restricted shares (that's £9.5 billion + £1.8bn). That's clearly a lot of money. What else could the American company have done with such a gargantuan stack of cash? Here's an incomplete list. Read More >>

How Much Money Do You Need to Do Scrooge McDuck’s Money Swim?

Along with making it rain, Scrooge McDuck's money swim is a definite sign of excess in success. The question is though, how much money does one need to pull off the money swim? The Billfold tackled the question and came up with a giganto number. Read More >>

A Glitch Accidentally Told 300 People They Won the Lottery When They Really Didn’t

In what has to be one of the biggest Indian giver moves ever, Danish state run lottery company Danske Spil notified 300 people via email that they just won billions in the lottery... only they really didn't. They were only notified because of a glitch in the system, meaning for half an hour 300 people thought their lives had changed forever. Read More >>