Green Energy Funding Could be Sliced off the Bills of Poorer Families

An enormous sum of £5.5bn is added to our energy bills each year as a green tax, money that's sliced off and used to fund the development of clean energy sources such as renewables. This isn't fair, it's starting to dawn on everyone, as a landed millionaire who leaves the heating on in his mansion to stop it getting damp while he's off banging teenagers in his city flat pays the same additional levy as one of us lot, wrapped in a duvet next to an oil radiator we've generously set to warmth setting two out of a possible five. Read More >>

Ovo Energy Hit With £8.9m Fine for Over Charging

Energy supplier Ovo has been fined a huge £8.9m for misleading its customers, as part of a right old billing mess that saw around 500,000 people sent incorrect statements and led to both the undercharging and overcharging of thousands of subscribers. Read More >>

Smart Meters May One Day Be Useful and Fit For Purpose, Promises Environment Minister

A man who very seriously refers to himself as Lord Duncan of Springbank has been interrogated by a committee of MPs asking why smart meters are rubbish and no one wants to use them unless made to, with the mighty lord promising that a "Star Trek phase" of super advanced smart meter technology is on the way, bringing properly amazing delights like real-time tariff switching to customers. Read More >>

UK Water Companies Pocketed £800m by Not Passing on Tax Cuts

The National Audit Office, a sort of UK pocketmoney checker, has found that water regulator Ofwat has made a mess of dealing with the water companies -- letting them bank an extra £800m over the last few years. Read More >>

Kid Invoiced £15.95 for Failure to Attend Birthday Party

The parents of five-year-old boy Alex Nash have been invoiced for the sum of £15.95, after the child failed to show for a birthday party he'd been invited to. Read More >>

Credit-Crunched Aristocrat Selling Lake District Mountain to Pay Tax Bill

Hugh Lowther, who refers to himself as the Earl of Lonsdale when he wants to feel posh, is selling a 2,850-foot mountain in the Lake District for £1.75m. The money will be used to pay a tax bill, allowing the earl to avoid selling off any parts of the estate with tenanted properties. Read More >>

One Neil Diamond Album Download Hits Teacher With £2,600 Roaming Data Bill Shocker

A lady who fancied listening to a bit of Neil Diamond while on holiday in South Africa was royally ripped off in roaming fees from network Orange, which managed to charge her a staggering £8 per MB in mobile data costs. Total cost to download one album over the mobile network? £2,600. Read More >>

Samsung GALAXY S4 zoom
EE, T-Mobile and Orange Award Themselves 2.7 Per Cent Contract Pay Rise

The mobile conglomerate responsible for running EE, Orange and T-Mobile in the UK is god-damn SICK of bravely protecting us from supplier price rises and inflationary pressures, and has finally, despairingly, decided it's time to pass a 2.7 per cent cost increase on to its users. Read More >>

Government Sends Final Demand to Energy Companies for Compulsory QR Codes on Bills

Despite David Cameron's promise of a world in which the "Internet of Things" has our microwaves asking us what ready meal we'd like partially heated up for dinner tonight, the government's energy secretary Ed Davey foresees a tamer and more realistic tech future in which the old QR code is used to help customers save money on energy bills. Read More >>

UK Networks Agree £50 Cap on Lost and Stolen Phone Charges

Four of our largest mobile networks have come to a deal on handling calling fees run up on lost and stolen mobile phones, with EE, Three, Virgin Media and Vodafone agreeing to limit the nicked mobile bill shock to a maximum of £50. Read More >>

EU Votes to Ban Mobile Call, Text and Data Roaming Fees From 2014

A complete end to mobile roaming fee stress should hit Europe next year, thanks to EU politicians voting to approve and "fast track" into law regulations that stop the networks charging us any roaming fees while within the EU's member states. Read More >>

Dead Man Charged £10 For Not Paying Virgin Media Bill on Time

Virgin Media has made the rather enormous error of sending out a bill to a dead man, also cheekily adding a £10 late payment fee. Why not turn up at the funeral and prise the rings off his fingers to pay for his TV debts, you cold-hearted automatons? Read More >>

Faulty iPhone Burns Through £19,000 of Mobile Data

A supposedly "faulty" iPhone landed a man in severe financial trouble, after the phone racked up an astonishing £19k data bill -- and network Orange tried to take the money from the bloke's account. Read More >>

O2 Upping Monthly Contract Bills by 3 Per Cent and You Can’t Complain or Quit

Network O2 has decided it's time to start whacking up its monthly contract costs, with the UK mobile provider adding 3.2 per cent to all monthly tariffs from next February. Regardless of what you signed up for. Read More >>