Search on Windows 10 Was Borked, but Microsoft Says It Has a Fix

An issue with Windows Search that turned up blank boxes for many Windows 10 users on Wednesday appeared to be related to Bing, but Microsoft says it’s rolled out a fix for “most users” – and if you’re not one of them, there’s a workaround. Read More >>

There’s at Least One Thing That Bing Does Better Than Google – Disinformation

The Bing search engine – which is still around ten years after Microsoft created it, despite having only five per cent market share – gets a lot of flak for not being as useful as Google’s search engine. But a recent study found that it’s actually even worse at delivering information than was previously known. Read More >>

Happy Belated Birthday, Bing!

Microsoft’s Bing – a search engine that literally bribes people to use it and still (still!) can’t seem to grow its witheringly small four per cent market share – has been around for an entire decade. As of yesterday. We forgot its birthday and seemingly so did virtually everyone else. Read More >>

China May Have Blocked Microsoft’s Bing in Latest Censorship Play: Report

This year is already proving to be challenging for Microsoft’s Bing. It appears as of Wednesday that the search engine is no longer accessible in China, even despite the company’s commitment to censoring its search results. Read More >>

Microsoft Refuses to Answer Key Questions About Child Porn in Bing’s Search Results

Microsoft’s Bing search engine is facing heat for reportedly including images of child pornography in its search results. The issue was described on Thursday by TechCrunch, which said it commissioned a study on the images propagated by Bing from AntiToxin Technologies, an Israeli startup focused on online safety, in response to an anonymous tip. Read More >>

Bing and Yahoo Are Surfacing Some Extremely Racist Search Queries

In yet another case of a search engine finding itself in hot water over racist, sexist, or otherwise problematic search results, it appears Microsoft’s Bing—whose technology also powers Yahoo’s search function—is returning wildly offensive related search suggestions in its image search function. A report from online tech blog How-To Geek published Wednesday surfaced a number of alarming returns on queries, including racist language and conspiracy theories. Read More >>

How Microsoft is Using AI to Tackle Fake News

Imagine someone telling you in the late 90s that by 2018, Microsoft would be a plucky underdog. You’d be forgiven for thinking that they are crazy. And that’s before they tell you who the President is. Read More >>

Microsoft Confirms Investigation Into Whether Russians Bought Pre-Election Ads Through Bing

The sprawling inquiry into the extent of Russian attempts to purchase ads on the US internet before the 2016 federal elections has expanded to yet another digital giant, with Microsoft confirming that it has launched an internal investigation into whether it sold such advertisements via its Bing search engine. Read More >>

Google And Microsoft Agree To Demote Pirated Content In The UK

Sorry, pirates: soon your wares will be harder to find on UK search engines. Google and Bing have agreed to a voluntary code of practice that'll see infringing content including films, music and sport pushed down the search results. Read More >>

Bing’s Translator Accidentally Confuses Islamic State and Saudi Arabia

Bing, Microsoft’s version of Google, learned the hard way that fluffing your translation service is a bad way to win friends on the internet. Read More >>

4 Reasons Not to Use Google for Search

Google is pretty much everywhere. It’s in your smartphone, car, and maybe even your watch— but there’s still nothing like searching Google on a desktop computer. To this day, about 64 per cent of US web surfers use Google as their primary search engine. Read More >>

What Do You Think of Google’s Black-Coloured Test Search Results?

This is not a racism storm. I repeat: this is not a racism storm. Google is A/B testing a new colour scheme for its search results, and we’re not especially taken with it. As you can see from the corresponding screengrabs, some users’ search results are appearing in black, rather than blue, and it doesn’t quite look right. The body text and link addresses have thankfully remained black and green, respectively. Read More >>

Bing’s New Live Code Editor is Surprisingly Useful

Google is famous for integrating tiny, handy features directly into its search results. With a new in-line live code editor that pops up when you search for programming questions, Bing may just have beaten Google at its own game. Read More >>

Playing Bing Pong is the Best Thing You Can Do With Bing

In its continuing efforts to show how cool and down with the kids it is, Microsoft has just added a video game from 1972 to Bing. Yes, this will consume all your remaining spare time this evening. Read More >>