The Best Biomedical Images of the Year Reveal the True Beauty of Biology

Every year, the Wellcome Trust rounds up the best biomedical images of the last twelve months as part of its Image Awards. This year, the pictures are a reminder of just how beautiful biology can be. Read More >>

Scientists Turn Skin Cells into Brain Cells, Using Alzheimers Patients

You are looking at freshly made human neurons, or brain cells. But they used to be common skin cells. And their existence could change how we treat Alzheimers. Read More >>

Tiny Robotic Tentacle Can Pick Up Ants Without Crushing Them

If you discover ants in your house, your first reaction is probably to stomp em’ fast. But maybe you’re averse to violence and would prefer to peacefully relocate your six-legged housemates. Now, there’s a robotic arm capable of doing just that. Read More >>

Scientists Have Reconnected Severed Nerves with Liquid Metal

Get your T-1000 jokes ready, because we're one step closer to liquid metal-powered people. As a team of Chinese biomedical engineers recently used an alloy to close the gap between severed sciatic nerves in frogs. In effect, it made electronic circuits out of nerves—and it worked. Read More >>