MasterCard Wants to Turn Your Thumbprint Into a PIN Number

On Thursday, MasterCard announced a “next generation biometric card” which embeds fingerprint recognition into debit cards. That may not be good news. Read More >>

Fujitsu Is Helping Banks Identify You By Your Veins

We all know passwords are on the way out: partly because people keep stealing them and partly because by 2020, we'll have run out of ideas for new ones ("password must not be one of your 10,000 previous choices.") Read More >>

Your Computer Might Become an Expert Lip Reader to Keep Your Data Safe

Despite being the most common way to protect computers and sensitive data, passwords are a terrible security solution. So scientists at Hong Kong Baptist University are teaching computers to read a user’s lips as a far more secure method of biometric security. Read More >>

Xiaomi is Teasing an Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint scanners have made our phones more secure and convenient to unlock, but they still only seem to exist as obvious-looking buttons and sensors. What if there was a better way? Xiaomi is teasing one for its upcoming Mi 5s smartphone. Read More >>

This Device Can Wirelessly Detect Your Emotions 

Our modern environment is saturated with wireless signals, a consequence of our insatiable desire to transmit data seamlessly and efficiently. A new device developed by scientists at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) can use these ubiquitous signals to detect our inner emotional states. Read More >>

Leaks Say Galaxy Note 7 Iris Scanner Can’t Handle Glasses, Sunlight or Your Puffy Face

Supposed technical specifications for the eye scanner that Samsung's assumed to be sticking in its latest Note phablet have appeared, confirming the device's existence -- but also coming with a large list of disclaimers about how and when it won't actually work. Read More >>

A 3D-Printed Finger is Being Used to Unlock a Phone and Solve a Murder Case

A team at the Michigan State University is investigating a really quite novel way of solving a murder case while also battling today's fingerprint-based phone security systems -- 3D printing a version of the victim's finger to unlock a mobile. Read More >>

Wrong Kind of Sun Breaks Stansted’s Biometric Passport Readers

The setting sun has been blamed for passenger delays at Stansted airport, as the cameras attached to biometric passport readers in one particular hall are failing to take photos properly due to... it being the summer. Read More >>

Ultra-Thin Dongles Make it Easy to Add Biometric Security to Your Old Laptop

Using your fingerprint to verify your identity is not only more secure than a password, there’s also no complex string of characters for you to forget or repeatedly mistype. But if you’re also determined to use your ancient laptop until the day it dies, Synaptics’ will soon have an easy and unobtrusive way to upgrade it with another layer of security. Read More >>

You’ll Never Forget Your Password When it’s the Sound Your Skull Makes

If you're lacking a decent keyboard for password entry, it’s tricky to secure a wearable computer so that someone else can’t just put it on and access your private files. But researchers have come up with a better alternative, by listening to the unique sound of the wearer’s skull. Read More >>

TalkTalk’s New Biometric Voice Logins Should be a Bit Less Easy to Hack

Mobile network TalkTalk is still trying to paper over the cracks in its reputation caused by last year's apocalyptic hack, and it thinks it might have a thing that could convince people that using it is totally safe now -- biometric voice recognition for account logins launched under the banner of TalkSafe. Read More >>

Police Illegally Kept Biometric Data That Should Have Been Destroyed

The man who has the job of being the UK's Biometrics Commissioner has warned that some police forces are ignoring the rules about deleting unnecessary data, with the nation's databases of DNA profiles and fingerprints containing huge numbers of unlawfully held records. Read More >>

New Surveilliance Tool Can Identify Terrorists by Analysing Their V-Signs

Terrorists and enemy insurgents are difficult to identify because they often conceal their faces with scarves and masks. A new algorithm has shown surprising promise being able to identify individuals by their characteristic “V for victory” signs. Read More >>

How to Easily Hack a Smartphone With an Inkjet Printer and Conductive Ink

Think all your secrets are safely tucked away on your smartphone just because only your fingerprint can unlock it? Watch researchers from Michigan State University compromise a biometric fingerprint sensor with nothing more than a scanner, an off-the-shelf inkjet printer, and readily available conductive ink. Read More >>