This Snail-Inspired, Reusable Adhesive is Far Stronger Than Velcro

Scientists have developed an adhesive that is both sticky and reusable thanks to inspiration from snail mucus, according to a new study. Read More >>

Watch 100 Grams of Robot Pull Nearly Two Tonnes of Car

Stanford’s μTug minibots are on a roll lately. The latest battery of experiments at Stanford University's Biomimetics and Dextrous Manipulation Lab dealt with harnessing the power of ants in robot form — specifically, researchers hoped to replicate ants’ ability to work together to haul very heavy objects. Read More >>

The Next Generation of Space Rovers Could Be Squishy Blobs With Bladders

“Soft,” “amorphous,” and “bladder” aren’t words usually associated with robots. But NASA’s changing that with new plans to make space rovers physically softer, which could make them way better at exploring distant, rocky lands. Read More >>

Why NASA Takes Interest in Sperm Whale Echolocation Organs 

The sperm whale has an internal organ that has been of much interest to scientists for decades. What’s surprising is that it’s not biologists who are interested in it. The people studying this ocean traveller are people who want to travel through space. Read More >>

Videos of Snake Racing Can Teach Us a Lot About Physics

In this video, snakes are forced to slither between two boards. The boards are placed successively closer together until the poor snake is wriggling. But this isn’t about annoying a snake—it’s about physics. Read More >>

Tiny Dancing Spider Crickets Could Lead to Better Robotics

Spider crickets are masters of aerodynamics. They don’t have wings, but they can jump up to 60 times their body length — equivalent to a human track star jumping the length of a football field. Now a team of engineering students at Johns Hopkins University has videotaped the critters in slow motion and discovered some of their aerodynamic secrets. Read More >>

Robo-Whiskers and Three Other Cool, Creepy, Animal-Inspired Machines

Inventors, designers and engineers are constantly cribbing from Mother Nature, building new-school robots inspired by old-school biology. Let's take a look at some of the latest, greatest, and weirdest designs that use biomimicry to give animal capabilities to machines. Read More >>