Amazing Crab Goo May Save Your Life One Day

The next time you go in for surgery, you might come out thanking a crab. New research from the Harvard Wyss Institute shows that chitosan, a fancy term for crustacean goo, can be used as a biodegradable glue to heal wounds and patch surgical incisions. Read More >>

Giant Clams Light Up Like Plasma Screens, Only Better

I bet you’ve never thought about how giant clams will revolutionise future technology. It’s okay. You probably didn’t know about the incredible way these massive mollusks turn sunlight into power. Read More >>

3d printing
Watch This Mesmerising Zoetrope Grow

The below GIF is mesmerising, but what on Earth is it? But one of many bio-inspired designs created by Nervous System, a design studio that uses 3D printing to recreate patterns found in nature, including corals, cellular colonies, and this trippy fungus-looking thing. Read More >>