Three Men Have Had Hands Amputated and Replaced With Bionic Versions

Three men with severe nerve damage have voluntarily had their hands amputated and replaced with prothetic versions that they're able to control with their minds. Read More >>

This Incredible Star Wars-Style Bionic Hand Let an Amputee Feel Again

We geeks all have the same platonic prosthesis ideal: Luke Skywalker's badass Star Wars mech-hand. We're getting there, bit by bit. Dennis Aabo Sørensen's new hand is almost there; it let him feel again. Read More >>

Modern-Day Bionic Man Costs About £640,000

Scientists working for forthcoming Channel 4 TV show How to Build a Bionic Man assembled the most cutting-edge prosthetic limbs available today, creating an incredibly versatile robot person for around $1m. Read More >>

Scientists Discover Method to Control Cockroaches Remotely

Researchers have been working on this for a very long time and now they have finally achieved it: scientists at North Carolina State University have successfully remotely controlled cockroaches. Watch the video. It's both disgusting and impressive, but it could save your life one day. Read More >>

Awesome Chinese Iron Man Built Himself Bionic Arms After His Homemade Bomb Blew Up His Real Arms

Sun Jifa should be an inspiration to us all. After he lost both of his hands when a homemade bomb exploded, he spent the past 8 years making prototype bionic hands until figuring out the system he has now. It looks awesome and they work wonderfully, apparently. Read More >>

World’s First Bionic Llama Saved from Death by Prosthetic Leg

This is Bella, a three-legged llama who was in danger of being euthanized because of the depression—and inability to get around—caused by her amputation. Until, that is, she received an awesome new cheetah-print bionic leg. Now she is the happiest three legged llama in all the land. Read More >>