The Order 1886, Dragon Age and Why Quantity and Quality Aren’t Related

We're a bunch of keen gamers here at Giz UK. When we're not tapping keys, tickling touchscreens or taming techno babble, you'll probably find us nose-to-the-screen, stuck into a video game. In this first in a new series we're calling Fireside Chat, our Editor Matt and News Editor Gerald dig into what's been keeping their thumbs twiddling recently. Read More >>

Bioshock Infinite
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This Is Bioshock Infinite: The Movie

While purely as a shooter, Bioshock Infinite is getting mixed reviews, but you don't play a Bioshock game because it's the next Call of Duty, you buy it for the epic story line. What if you didn't even have to play it to find out what happens? Meet Bioshock Infinite -- Special Movie Version. Read More >>