Scottish Sea Eagles Rehomed on the South Coast

A few descendants of the Norwegian sea eagles reintroduced to Scotland in the 1970s are about to be rehoused 500 miles or so further south, as a plan to repopulate the south coast of England with the massive white-tailed raptors has seen the first six birds released to find new homes on and around the Isle of Wight. Read More >>

Bird Twitter Is My Oasis in Internet Hell

Browsing the internet generally feels exhausting for me. Mostly, it’s because everything is bad. The websites I once visited for “fun” are now saturated with reminders of society’s collapse, brands making painful jokes, lies, outrage, and actual Nazis. I only visit these websites out of habit and poor impulse control. Read More >>

Not Even a Fire-Loving Bird Can Handle Climate Change’s Heat

Fire is central in the world of black-backed woodpeckers, to the point that the birds pick cavities in recently burned trees to make their nests. But new research suggests that even these fire enthusiasts aren’t able to handle the inferno climate change is already dishing out. Read More >>

Scientists Found a Seriously Giant Parrot Fossil in New Zealand

Scientists have uncovered evidence of an enormous parrot in New Zealand (of course). This Polly doesn’t want a cracker. This Polly wants a whole damn loaf of bread. Read More >>

Turtle Doves Are Facing Extinction in the UK and the EU Is Taking Legal Action to Stop It

To preserve the integrity of Christmas Carollers everywhere, the EU is taking measures to preserve the waning turtle dove population, because you can't sing about gifting it to your true love when there's none of the bloody things left. Read More >>

You Only Have Yourself to Blame If a Bird Attacks You

Birds are generally smarter than you think they are. And if you mess with their babies, they WILL attack. Read More >>

A Bird Strike Caused a U.S. Air Force Plane to Accidentally Drop Three Training Bombs on Florida

According to the United States Federal Aviation Administration, more than 14,000 bird strikes happen every year at US airports. Most of the time they’re inconsequential, occasionally they can cause a lot of damage, but things could have been especially catastrophic on Monday when a bird strike caused an A-10C Thunderbolt II to accidentally release three bombs over the state of Florida. Thankfully, they were just dummies designed for trainings. Read More >>

Zoos Accused of Starving Working Birds of Prey

Performing birds that zoom over our heads to impress children and adults are routinely starved of food so they are a little more obedient, it's claimed, with animal rights researchers saying modern bird of prey exhibitions are little more than old school circuses using and abusing their captive creatures. Read More >>

How Are Doves and Sparrows Ending Up Inside Baby Sharks?

Back in 2010, scientists were monitoring a shark population on the border between the US states of Mississippi and Alabama. They had hauled up a small tiger shark to tag when something strange happened: It puked up feathers. A DNA analysis revealed that the shark had eaten a brown thrasher, a speckled migratory songbird related to the mockingbird. Read More >>

Hot New Band RSPB Rockets Up UK Singles Chart

Hitting the singles charts like a shot from a posh man's gun piercing a fat pheasant is the RSPB – yes the RSPB, as in the Royal Society for the Protection or Prevention or Something of Birds – as the charity has released a single that's entirely made of bird song. There isn't even a banging remix or some eco chanting. Read More >>

For Sale: A Giant Bird With Beautiful Eggs (That Murdered Its Previous Owner)

An auction house in the US state of Florida is reportedly fulfilling the final wishes of an exotic animal collector by selling off his menagerie of about 100 animals, including the one with knife-like talons that took his life. Read More >>

Ancient Bird Fossil Includes Evidence of an Unlaid Egg

Palaeontologists in China have detected traces of an unlaid egg in a 110-million-year-old bird fossil from the Cretaceous period, in what’s considered the first discovery of its kind. And in an ironic twist, it appears the egg is what killed the mother bird. Read More >>

This Man Travelled 10,000 Miles to See America’s Trash Birds—and Loved Every Minute of It

20-year-old Tasmanian George Vaughan had three main goals for his trip to the United States last month: see a Metallica concert, visit Niagara Falls, and go to a landfill in the US state of Alabama. The landfill, he hoped, would help him realise a dream he’d held for six years: to see a laughing gull, a “seagull” generally considered a nuisance by your average American beachgoer. Read More >>

World’s Oldest Wild Bird, Now 68, Still Has Sex and She Has the Baby to Prove It

Wisdom, a 68-year-old Laysan albatross and the world’s oldest known wild bird, has successfully hatched a chick, according to the US Fish and Wildlife Service. You know what that means: she still fucks. Read More >>

Cartoonishly Well-Preserved Fossil Is the Earliest Bird of Its Kind

A 52-million-year-old fossil found in Wyoming is now the earliest known seed-eating perching bird in the scientific record, a discovery that’s shedding new light on the history and early eating habits of these now-ubiquitous birds. Read More >>