Have You Started Noticing Birds Etc. During Lockdown?

Scientists want to have a go at collating the effect lockdown has had on our wildlife, and would like us lot to poke our phones out of the window to record evidence of braver birds, less timid foxes, and all the interesting weeds sprouting around the edges of our abandoned cars. Read More >>

Coronavirus Thwarts Rescue of Endangered Albatrosses Menaced by Giant Mice

The covid-19 pandemic has forced a delay to an effort to protect vulnerable seabirds from large, invasive mice on an island in the South Atlantic Ocean. The suspension left a team of conservationists stranded in one of the most remote places on Earth, an ordeal that finally ended this week. Read More >>

Seagulls Turn Cannibal Due to Lack of Tasty Dropped Human Food

Word from the streets of Liverpool is that the seagulls are finding lockdown as difficult as the humans, not because they're also struggling to find anything interesting to watch on Netflix and have bollocksed up another attempt at sourdough; but because the lack of the usual human detritus is leaving them without any easy pickings to eat. Read More >>

Extremely Weird Bird Hybrid Is Back and Looking to Bone

Last autumn, the birdwatching community was shocked by the appearance of a small yellow bird. Birder Matthew Grube first spotted it off of a trail near Riverside, California in the US, noting that it looked like a hybrid of two birds from different taxonomic families. This perplexing creature has recently returned to the area, and it’s looking to get some action. Read More >>

An Isolation Guide to Birdwatching From Your Home

You’re probably spending a lot more time at home than you’re used to, doing your part to follow social distancing rules and slow the ongoing spread of covid-19. But only humans need to follow these rules – birds don’t. It’s the perfect time to start paying attention to them. Read More >>

Birds are Judging You by Your Outfit

You might be able to quickly recognise a friend from afar based on their body language or their personal fashion choices. It turns out that some birds do the same thing, recognising familiar, harmless humans by their clothing. Read More >>

Police Send Birdwatchers Home Regardless of How Rare the Thing Might Be

15 keen birdwatchers now find themselves in the unusual position of having been told off by police, after as many as 15 of them gathered in close proximity to enjoy looking at a type of bird you don't often see. That's fine in Animal Crossing, but not in real life nowadays. Read More >>

Fossil Reveals ‘Wonderchicken,’ the Earliest Known Modern Bird

A fantastic fossil found in Belgium is offering new insights into the ancient birds that gave rise to the ones still around today. Read More >>

Police Ask For Help Spotting Dead Birds

Police in Scotland have had an idea for a fun game all the family can enjoy when driving between remote lochs in the freezing rain this summer: seeing how many dead birds you can spot. Read More >>

Here are Some Gulls Playing With a Dildo

Conservation photographer Jennifer Warner visited the Children’s Pool in La Jolla, California on Tuesday in order to photograph the pupping harbor seals that have taken up residence on the beach. She soon noticed some juvenile gulls chasing each another around and causing a ruckus; one of them had what she thought at first was a piece of plastic pollution in its beak. She snapped a few photos and zoomed in. Read More >>

These Birds Learned to Avoid Yucky Food by Watching Videos on the Computer

Wild-caught birds in Finland seemingly learned to avoid certain foods by watching videos of other birds eating the snacks and reacting negatively, according to a new study. Read More >>

Scientists Describe Trove of New Bird Species on Indonesian Islands

Scientists encountered five previously undescribed bird species during a six-week trip to three Indonesian islands, according to a new study. Read More >>

Plymouth Man Denies Throwing a Seagull

A man from Plymouth is in trouble for two reasons and two distinct crimes, standing accused in his new suit of GBH against a human and attempting to injure a wild bird in one combined inter-species attack. Read More >>

North American Birds Are Migrating Earlier Because of Climate Change

Every autumn as temperatures drop and insect populations decline, billions of birds migrate across the U.S. in search of warmer nesting temperatures and more food availability – both extremely good answers to seasonal depression. In the spring, the birds fly back to mate. Read More >>

Invasive Mice Seen Attacking Adult Albatrosses on Breeding Colony for the First Time

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) has recorded the first known instance of invasive mice preying on the adult albatrosses, according to a press release. Read More >>