The Shape of a Bird’s Egg Can Tell You Something Totally Unexpected

Some of life’s simplest questions get swept under the rug for a long time — after all, the most widespread phenomena often require the most data to understand. Take the shape of the boring egg, for example. You probably thought eggs are was shaped the way they are so they won’t roll out of the nest or something. But a huge analysis shows the real reason eggs have their characteristic shapes may be completely surprising. Read More >>

Giant Flying Turkeys Once Roamed Australia Because of Course They Did

Bird enthusiasts will be disappointed to know they were born millions of years too late. Palaeontologists from Flinders University in Australia have discovered five extinct megapode birds—among them, a giant brush-turkey called Progura gallinacea. The big bird was roughly the size of a kangaroo and weighed about eight kilograms yet it still managed to fly. Read More >>

Scientists Find 99 Million-Year-Old, Mostly Complete Baby Bird Trapped in Amber

This has been a huge year for finding specimens in amber, from bird wings to dinosaur feathers to this ugly-ass bug. But this new finding might be the best one yet: a nearly complete 99-million-year-old baby bird. Read More >>

Scientists Observe Freaky Parrot Ritual, Call It Contagious Laughter

Birds are incredible, beautiful creatures from afar. They have lots of colours, they have beaks, they can fly, and all that other neat birdy stuff. Up close, they are horrible, smelly dinosaurs with sharp claws who squawk and could attack at any moment. Read More >>

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Why Scientists Think This Silly Bird Can’t Stop Looking at Its Reflection

We all like to admire ourselves in the mirror from time to time, but there’s a bird in Australia that seems to have developed a rather unhealthy fixation, gazing upon its reflection for hours on end while seemingly oblivious to its surroundings. It’s pretty funny, but should we be worried about this fine feathered fellow? Read More >>

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Why Are These Turkeys Doing This?

If you’re interested in attending a Thanksgiving seance, one Twitter user has filmed the creepiest bird video you’ll see today: a gang of turkeys circling clockwise around a seemingly dead cat. Read More >>

Someone Brought a Bird Army on a Flight – And Nobody Seemed to Mind

Reddit can feel like a cesspool of hate most days, but occasionally, it turns up some internet gems. Today, for example, a user posted a bonkers photo of a posse of large, intimidating-looking birds chilling on an airplane. Read More >>

Flying Cretaceous Monster Ate Dinosaurs For Breakfast

It’s been said that the pterosaur, which can only be described as a bird-reptile-dinosaur-esque-thing, was the largest flying animal. This giant beast—which roamed the Earth during the Cretaceous period roughly 66.5 million years ago—was a reptile but not actually a dinosaur. Despite being winged, it wasn’t bird, either. The pterosaur basically looked like a platypus on bath salts. Read More >>

Researchers Make an Obvious Discovery For Improving Drones

Even the most manoeuvrable aircraft we’ve designed is no match for the agility of a bird. Mother Nature has all but perfected flight, so why are we wasting our time re-inventing the wheel? As researchers at Switzerland’s École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne realised, we should just be copying our fine feathered friends. Read More >>

Scientists Make Parrots Wear Goggles and Fly Through Lasers for Fun or Learning or Something

Researchers trying to find out more about how birds fly so we might one day be able to make better drones or flying suits so we can all fly about like Superman claim to have made a breakthrough, thanks to making a little parrot fly through a field of lasers. And they put a lickle wickle set of goggles on it so it looked all cute. Read More >>

Scientists Shoot Lasers at Bird in Goggles to Unravel the Mysteries of Flight

Even when unlocking the very secrets of the universe, one must always put safety first. That’s why researchers at Stanford University 3D-printed a pair of tiny safety goggles before teaching a parrot to fly through lasers. Read More >>

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Watch How High These Crazy Birds Have to Jump to Get Laid

The next time you get rejected, thank your lucky stars you’re not a male widowbird, the poor creature who has to jump really high for a long time just to get a little bit of attention and, if all goes according to plan, some action. Read More >>

Feathers on This 130-Million-Year-Old Fossil Still Contain Traces of Colour

An exquisitely preserved fossil found in China still contains the original biological compounds that gave a 130-million-year-old bird its shading and colour. The find extends the timeframe in which scientists thought these substances can be preserved. Read More >>

Seabird Crap Could Help Save the Arctic

Seabird poo: great for ruining your picnic at the beach, and according to new research, good for keeping the Arctic cool. But if the birds want to stop their summertime home from melting away, they’re going to have to start taking laxatives. Read More >>

This Amazing Little Bird Can Fly for Nearly a Year Straight

Bird lovers, let’s hear it for the little guy. Researchers have just discovered evidence that common swifts (a small type of bird) can spend 10 continuous months per year in the air without landing—a world record for sustained flight in nature. Read More >>