Birmingham Approves Huge Plan to Sideline Private Cars

Birmingham and the West Midlands as a whole have been operating under a self-declared state of climate emergency since 2019, and now they have a plan. It's to make "active travel" the first choice in the region's big city while building a "fully integrated, high quality public transport system," relegating the place of the car to that of a historical aberration. Read More >>

The Terrifying Knife Angel is Coming to Birmingham – And Your City Could Be Next

The huge Knife Angel sculpture crafted from knives taken off the street as part of the Save A Life, Surrender Your Knife project is being moved from Coventry to Birmingham's Victoria Square this week to raise awareness of knife crime. And freak everyone out. Read More >>

Five-Floor Primark Takes Over Entire Birmingham Shopping Centre

The Pavilions shopping centre in Birmingham is being brought back online three years after it closed, with discount retailer Primark taking on the entire site and turning it into the biggest Primark in the world. Read More >>

HS2 Reveals Designs for Birmingham’s Rebuilt Curzon Street

The remnants of Birmingham's once mighty Curzon Street station are being reconnected to the nation by HS2, and the rail planners and their architects have revealed what it'll all look like, should HS2 seriously actually happen for real. Read More >>

Birmingham to Host Formula E Street Race in 2019

The maligned city of Birmingham might be in for a good few years of positive international PR, as the host of the 2022 Commonwealth Games is also in the final stages of negotiating the arrival another global event – a Formula E street race. Read More >>

Birmingham Bus Driver Only Went and Bloody Did it

A bus driver in Birmingham has bloody done it. He's actually done it. He really, really did it. It's hard to believe, but he did. He did it! The amazing man. The bloody idiot. Read More >>

Birmingham Wood in Lockdown Due to Drugs and Dogging

The bluebells of Uffmoor Wood in Halesowen will be going unsniffed and unphotographed from now on, as the Woodland Trust has locked off the site because it was being used by locals in the wrong way. Read More >>

Singing Clock Will Welcome People to Birmingham

Birmingham's doing some art, and it's quite a big and expensive one. It's a £2m singing clock, one that combines thousands of voice samples to create a unique sound for each time of day. Read More >>

Trump’s UK Visit May Be Moved From London to Birmingham

Ah, the West Midlands. Home to many things: canals, the Black Country, a bull made entirely of jelly beans. It's also a Brexit stronghold, with some of the highest percentages of Leave voters in the whole of the UK. Read More >>

Threesome Porno Was Secretly Shot at Birmingham’s PSL Bowling Alley

How would you feel if somebody told you that a porn movie had been shot at your workplace? Disgusted? Aroused? Worried because you thought you’d got away with it? Martin Parsonage, the new owner of Birmingham’s PSL Bowling Complex, definitely falls into the first category. Read More >>

Pollution-Measuring Road Lasers Tracking Cars in London and Birmingham

The UK has started trialling special pollution-measuring lasers, which are designed to analyse the emissions spewed out by cars in real-world driving conditions. They’re currently being tested on roads in London and Birmingham, with the project being funded by the Department for Transport (DfT). Read More >>

This is What Birmingham Wankers Search For on Pornhub

Birmingham, home to terrible accents, below-par football clubs and Black Sabbath, is the UK’s second biggest guzzler of Pornhub’s x-rated goodies, generating 2.7 per cent of our nation’s Pornhub traffic. The jewel of the West Midlands sits proudly at the top of the UK’s endurance table, with the average Brummie spending 9 minutes and 47 seconds on Pornhub. Read More >>

Pornhub and Gizmodo UK Present a Complete Guide to UK Porn Habits

Pornhub’s done some terrific work regarding porn stats of late, breaking down the browsing habits of wankers all over the world. Being major smut guzzlers ourselves, we at Giz UK wanted a piece of the x-rated action, and have worked alongside the porn giant to bring you the complete guide to UK porn habits. Read More >>

Birmingham Hosts Its First “Soft Play” For Adults Clubnight

Hey, if you're an adult and want to numb the pain of living beyond your teens, then why not head down to Birmingham's Amusement 13 club on Kent Street, where you can get in touch with your inner child, and then ply it with alcohol. Read More >>

Fox News Apologises for the Whole Birmingham Thing

Comedy US news channel Fox News has apologised for letting someone lie about Birmingham on the telly, saying it was "a serious factual error" and that it could find no evidence that the city is the described no-go area for non-Muslims. No need to apologise, really. We all had a great time laughing at you and reading through tweets in our finest Brummie accents. [YouTube via Independent] Read More >>