Celebrate Hubble’s Birthday by Tearfully Reviewing Its Best Photos

For so many nerds, the Hubble space telescope feels more like a friend than a hunk of metal in the cold vacuum of space—a friend whose job you’re super jealous of. The ‘scope, which launched on the space shuttle Discovery in 1990, has sent back some of the most incredible images from the final frontier—over 1.3 million observations of planets, galaxies and more, all while hurling about our planet at 17,000 miles per hour from its vantage point in low Earth orbit. Read More >>

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Surprise! The New Raspberry Pi Zero W Launches Today

Today is Raspberry Pi's fifth birthday, and instead of buying themselves a big cake, the Raspberry Pi Foundation's decided to give us a present instead: the Raspberry Pi Zero W. Read More >>

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Lighting 72,000 Candles on a Birthday Cake Guarantees You Won’t Get That Wish

It’s the law of the universe that if you’re able to blow out all the candles on your birthday cake in one breath, whatever you wish for will come true. So why would you ever try to celebrate your 85th birthday by putting 72,585 lit candles on your cake? The fire department would have a hard time putting out that inferno. Read More >>

11 Bird’s-Eye Views That Show How NYC Has Grown Over 350 Years

Exactly 350 years ago today, New York City became New York City. The city itself already existed, of course: As the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam. But on September 8th, 1664, the British gave it its permanent moniker, which makes today its name-day. Read More >>

The ISS, Earth’s Ultimate Outpost, Turns 15 Today

Where were you when the ISS launched its first module in November of 1998? Some of us watched, others were in school, still other weren't even alive yet. Either way, it's hard to believe that today is the International Space Station—the largest cooperative science project ever—is celebrating its 15h birthday today. Read More >>

Free Games Your Reward for Attending Apple’s App Store 5th Birthday Party

Apple's App Store celebrates its fifth birthday this week, and plenty of game publishers and developers are using this as an excuse to boost their user numbers by giving away some cracking iOS games for free. Read More >>

Happy 24th Birthday Gameboy!
Happy 24th Birthday Game Boy (and Now I Feel Old)

In celebrating the life and times of the Game Boy brand, we've put together a historical, at times emotional, look back at the Game Boy's evolution over its 16 years of development, from the original Game Boy to the Game Boy Micro. Read More >>

Our American Brother Gizmodo Was 10 Years Old Yesterday

While we're only propelling towards our first birthday here at Giz UK, our American brothers at Gizmodo.com celebrated their tenth birthday yesterday. On July 15th, 2002, the first post went live on Gizmodo. Say, that was ten years ago! Happy birthday to them! Read More >>

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Happy 25th Birthday to the Downright Annoying Animated GIF

The humble GIF file was first brought kicking and screaming into the world by Compuserve way back in 1987. It didn't take long before it became the scourge of internet forums and comment sections alike. Yes there have been some hilarious ones over the years, but hell, most of them are just plain hideous flashing monstrosities. Read More >>

Lazy Bows Wrapping Paper: The Only Good Use For 3D I’ve Seen So Far

There's no better way to say "I truly hate you" than by giving someone a gift that requires them to wear 3D glasses. But this lazy gift wrap is a brilliant way to show someone you actually care, a little. Read More >>

Where Were You When Google Was Born 13 Years Ago Today?

Anyone notice the party that is going on at Google's website today? In case you forgot, September 27th is the date Google chose for their birthday. Read More >>