God Help Us, the Winklevoss Twins Are Co-Producing a Movie About Their Bitcoin Journey

The Winklevoss twins—the brothers Mark Zuckerberg allegedly stole the idea for Facebook from—are making a movie about themselves, Deadline reported this week. If that doesn’t seem masturbatory enough, rejoice: said film is about how they amassed a net wealth of more than $1 billion by getting really into Bitcoin. Read More >>

Will Brands Reinvent Money, or Are Digital Dollars a Bust?

Many forms of so-called digital money aren’t actually so new or innovative – nor actual ‘money,’ in most cases – and often have a number of key aspects in common. The ways in which they differ, may be our best indicators for whether this or that payment system or crypto-coin will survive, or simply end up worthless. Read More >>

HMRC Offers £100,000 Crypto-Tracing Bounty/Contract

Our boring old tax inspectors are looking to do a better job of tracking transactions made in modern crypto currencies, with a new job posting offering a £100,000 contract to anyone who can fulfill the role of crypto-asset blockchain analysis provider. Read More >>

YouTube Restores Hundreds of Cryptocurrency Videos After Flagging Them as Harmful

YouTube has restored hundreds of videos from dozens of channels that focus on crypotcurrency after they were removed earlier in the week. YouTubers like Chris Dunn report that their videos were flagged by YouTube for “harmful or dangerous content” and “sale of regulated goods.” YouTube now says that the deletions were a mistake. Read More >>

Investors Want to Exhume Body of Crypto-CEO Who Had the Password to Millions In Bitcoin

It’s been about a year since users of Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX were informed that the company’s CEO unexpectedly died, taking the password that accessed most the money from their accounts with him to the grave. And now, those clients want to know what’s inside that grave. Read More >>

Bitcoin’s Carbon Footprint May Not Be As Massive As Previously Estimated

Whether Bitcoin, an immaterial resource derived from hype and blind faith, will vanish into thin air is uncertain, but it will leave behind a dark cloud of carbon pollution. Cryptocurrency mining facilities use so much energy that the government of Abkhazia cut power to 15 mining centres last year. A Norway Parliamentary representative has called Bitcoin, in particular, the “most dirty form of cryptocurrency output.” Some researchers have estimated that Bitcoin alone could push us over the critical two-degree celsius threshold. Read More >>

French Students Will Now Have to Learn About Bitcoin

High school students in France may be among the first people in the world to actually understand how cryptocurrency works. Read More >>

What’s Going to Happen With Bitcoin?

Since its inception in 2009, Bitcoin has made and ruined fortunes, helped sell fentanyl and books about cryptocurrency, withstood literally millions of jokes and just as many predictions of imminent collapse, and – through a process opaque to most people, myself included – arrived at a point where, as of this writing, roughly ten of them could buy you a decent-sized house, assuming your estate agent takes cryptocurrency. What’s next? Will it all come crashing down, or will this one-time punchline survive through the next decade? For this week’s Giz Asks, we reached out to a number of experts for some sense of Bitcoin’s future. Read More >>

Kik Kills Off Messaging App to Focus on Cryptocurrency Amidst Rising Company Chaos

Kik Interactive plans to shut down its popular messaging app following a legal battle with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and will instead focus on its cryptocurrency Kin, which is at the centre of the lawsuit. Read More >>

Police are Auctioning off £500,000 Worth of Criminally-Seized Bitcoin

Irish auction house Wilsons Auctions will shortly be flogging half a million pounds worth of Bitcoin across two auctions this week. Read More >>

Man Claims He Invented Bitcoin, is Ordered to Pay Billions in Bitcoin

A man who has insisted he is the man behind the pseudonymous identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, inventor of bitcoin, has been ordered to pay half of his cryptocurrency bounty to a man believed to be his former colleague. Read More >>

World’s Dumbest Bitcoin Scammer Tries to Scam Bitcoin Educator, Gets Scammed in The Process

Ben Perrin is a Canadian cryptocurrency enthusiast and educator who hosts a bitcoin show on YouTube. This is immediately apparent after a quick a look at all his social media. Ten seconds of viewing on of his videos will show that he is knowledgeable about digital assets, and 30 seconds of perusing his channel will show he has produced some videos on bitcoin scams. So it’s surprising that a bitcoin scammer would try to scam Perrin through his Instagram account and go so far as to actually send Perrin some of their own bitcoin. Read More >>

Bitcoin Scammers Try and Fail to Sextort 86-Year-Old Woman Who Just Wanted a Free Bagel

All 86-year-old Arlene Kaganove wanted was a free bagel from American cafe chain Panera on her birthday. Instead, after signing up for the My Panera rewards programme, Kaganove was sent threatening emails demanding she pay $1,400 (£1,146) worth of bitcoin—in exchange for a supposed recording of her watching porn. Read More >>

US Congressman to Facebook: Your Digital Currency Could Be Worse Than 9-11

Facebook’s new digital currency, Libra, has the potential to be worse than the September 11th attacks. At least that’s what Democratic Congressman Brad Sherman of California said at a House Committee on Financial Services Hearing in Washington, D.C. Read More >>

It Would Take This 50-Year-Old NASA Computer More Than a Quintillion Years to Mine a Single Bitcoin Block

Ken Shirriff is a hardware hacker who also has a penchant for restoring old computers, including the Xerox Alto, which had a huge influence on Steve Jobs and the Macintosh computer. His latest project was bringing one of NASA’s Apollo-era guidance computers back to life, but without a visit to the Moon on his horizon, Ken instead used the machine to mine bitcoin. Read More >>