Valve: Your Bitcoin Isn’t Any Good on Steam Anymore

Valve’s Steam, the digital distribution platform which enjoys near-monopolistic control of the entire PC gaming industry, has stopped accepting bitcoins as a form of payment due to the currency’s volatility and increasingly unacceptable processing fees. Read More >>

Bitcoin Blows Past £6,800

The Bitcoin bubble continues to stretch to even more grotesque proportions, clearing a value of at least £6,833 per bitcoin and attaining a market cap of $152 billion [~£113bn] on Sunday, TechCrunch reported. The strong gains more or less put Bitcoin on a path to clear a value of £7,500 by the end of calendar year 2017, and potentially even more. Read More >>

Did Mathematician Shinichi Mochizuki Invent Bitcoin?

It's hard not to be curious about the true identity of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, since he or she basically just stuck around on the internet long enough to introduce Bitcoin/get everyone all riled up and then disappeared. But Ted Nelson, the sociologist who invented the term "hypertext," thinks he knows who Nakamoto really is, and in the video below he calls out Japanese mathematician Shinichi Mochizuki. Read More >>

How a Bitcoin Transaction Actually Works

At this point, you probably have a working understanding of what bitcoins are (at the very least your handle of bitcoins is like how you can kinda, sorta explain why the sky is blue to a child). But how does an actual transaction with bitcoins work? That's a bit more complicated. Read More >>

Canadian Man Willing to Swap ENTIRE HOUSE for Bitcoins

Canadian Taylor More has put his house on the market, which is not a particularly newsworthy event even in this age of ongoing housing crises. What's unusual is the asking price, which is $405,000 -- or the equivalent in online currency Bitcoins. Read More >>