BitTorrent Inc Changes Name, Now Known as Rainberry

BitTorrent is a very recognisable name, despite some of the negative connotations it might have accumulated over the years, and is well known for the popular torrenting clients its developed like uTorrent. Now, though, the company is shaking things up a bit by switching from BitTorrent Inc to Rainberry Inc. Read More >>

Danish Man Convicted of Telling Web Users Where to Download Popcorn Time

A Danish man has been handed down a six-month conditional sentence for merely sharing information about Popcorn Time, the once-popular torrent-based streaming client that was targeted for extermination by copyright lawsuits . Read More >>

BitTorrent Inc Just Won a Long-Standing EU Trademark Dispute

When you hear the name BitTorrent, you tend to think of piracy, torrenting, and possibly arguments that the communications protocol isn't just used for downloading illegal files. But there was another company called Bittorrent out there, and the two have been locked in a legal battle over the EU trademark for quite some time. A battle that BitTorrent Inc (the well known one) just won. Read More >>

The EU Says The Pirate Bay Is Indeed Very Naughty

There has been a lot of arguing over the years about The Pirate Bay. Mainly this has revolved around the legality of lack thereof in linking to BitTorrents. The EU now says that it is, in fact, very naughty indeed and ISPs should block access to it. Read More >>

Mac BitTorrent Client Transmission Gets Infected With Malware Again

For the second time in five months, the Transmission BitTorrent client for Mac has been infected with malware. Read More >>

Pirate Bay Founder Will Sue the Recording Industry For a Change

Last week the Helsinki District Court decided that Peter Sunde, one of the co-founders of file-sharing portal The Pirate Bay, owes quite a bit of money to the music industry. Specifically, he owes a coalition of Sony Music Entertainment, EMI, Universal Music, and Warner Music $400,000, as reported by Torrent Freak. His response? No, fuck you. Read More >>

BitTorrent Plans to Pivot into TV News

BitTorrent, the legal business part of the P2P protocol, recently revealed its TV platform plans -- now it's preparing to launch the essential rolling news channel element that'll make it look like a proper, grown-up broadcaster. Read More >>

BitTorrent to Launch Live TV Streaming Service for Everyone

The creator of the BitTorrent protocol would like to remind the world once again that its main reason for existing isn't so you can steal all the Batmans and most of the pornography off the internet -- it has proper, serious, real-world applications too. Read More >>

Notorious Torrent Group EZTV Brought Down by “Hostile Takeover”

Another torrent indexer has bitten the dust today, and this time it's nothing to do with ISP blocks or international police raids. EZTV appears to have fallen to a bizarre case of domain name hijacking that's seen the site's owner simply give up trying to fend off the attackers. Read More >>

How to Make Sure Your Torrent Client Isn’t Secretly Mining Bitcoin

If you use uTorrent for your torrenting needs, there’s a good chance your client is also mining Bitcoin without you even realising it, and gobbling up your computer’s processing power. Read More >>

Everyone is Torrenting The Interview 

After much humming and hawing, Sony released The Interview to the internet yesterday, charging $6 for the privilege of seeing a CGI Kim Jong-Un go pop. And, because this is the internet, hundreds of thousands of people are repaying the favour by torrenting the crap out of it. Read More >>

BitTorrent’s Original TV Show, Children of the Machine, Will be Free and Ad-Funded

It's managed to get artists like Thom Yorke and De La Soul to shift their records through its "Bundles" program, and now BitTorrent is turning its attention to TV shows too. Looking to take on Amazon and Netflix in the original content stakes, BitTorrent has announced that its first original TV series, Children of the Machine, will debut on its services in Autumn 2015. Read More >>

BitTorrent Claims its Users Do Actually Buy Stuff

The (somewhat unlikely) fact that people who pirate movies are also more likely to spend money on movies has been well-known for a few years now. But thanks to a survey conducted by BitTorrent, we can now put a number on just how generous the pirates are. Read More >>