The New Service Wars Are Here to Suck Your Wallet Dry

Canon versus Nikon. Dell versus HP. Microsoft versus Apple. Tech companies have been battling over their piece of the pie for years, that isn't new. But recently, tech and non-tech companies alike have started changing up their business models so that instead of simply selling you a device and calling it a day, companies would rather sell you an ongoing subscription for the product you want, complete with a recurring monthly payment. Welcome to the Service Wars. Read More >>

You Can Change What the Galaxy S10’s Bixby Button Does

There was a whole lot of smartphone news out of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Fold launch, but one of the most interesting little tidbits slipped under the radar until today. Read More >>

We Didn’t Want Cortana Smart Speakers Anyway, Says Microsoft

As smart assistants go, there are the favourites: Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and then there are the also-rans: Bixby and Cortana. Read More >>

You Can Now Talk To Bixby In British English On The Galaxy Note 9

There's a Bixby update on its way to people with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and it adds new language options including UK English. Read More >>

Galaxy Note 9 Owners Will Eventually be Allowed to Disable Bixby

A couple of weeks ago, following the release of the Galaxy Note 9, it became apparent that it was missing a feature present on other Galaxy handsets - specifically the fact that you couldn't officially disable the Bixby button. But, from the sounds of things Samsung will be updating the phones so they can disable the much-maligned virtual assistant. That's according to a tweet from Samsung Germany at any rate. Read More >>

Samsung is Open to Collaborating With Google to Improve Bixby

Nobody like Bixby, except the people who work for Samsung. Part of that is because Bixby launched and wasn't very good, with little happening in recent times to improve its position compared to the likes of Alexa and Google Assistant. But it seems Samsung is willing to work with the competition if it means improving Bixby's standing among the world's voice assistants. Read More >>

We Might be Seeing Samsung’s Unanticipated Bixby Speaker at the Note 9 Launch

Ever since Samsung launched Bixby, there have been rumours that it's working on a smart speaker featuring the in-house AI - designed to compete with the likes of the Amazon Echo or Google Home. From the looks of things it's just about the most unanticipated device Samsung has produced, because nobody really likes Bixby, but that isn't stopping the company from trying anyway. Word is the speaker will be arriving at the same time as the Galaxy Note 9. Read More >>

Samsung Will Launch Bixby 2.0 With the Galaxy Note 9

If recent reports are anything to go by, we don't have very long to wait before the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 arrives. What we definitely know is that whenever the Note 9 arrives, it will also bring the second generation of Bixby along for the ride. Read More >>

Pretty Soon a Smart Assistant Won’t Be a Choice

This winter I bought three Google Home Minis—two for me, and one for my lovely parents. Read More >>

Samsung Smart Speaker, Huh? Let’s Talk

Yesterday, a report from Bloomberg came out saying that Samsung will launch a Bixby-powered smart speaker sometime in the first half of 2018. This really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone since DJ Koh already told CNBC back in August that the company was indeed trying to put its digital assistant, which first debuted on the Galaxy S8, into a smart speaker. The timeline is pretty obvious too; I’m betting that Samsung will unveil the device at Mobile World Congress 2018 in late February before putting it on sale sometime in the spring or early summer. Read More >>

Samsung’s Bixby Button and Google’s Assistant Squeeze Are Different Flavours of the Same Screw Up

Even with all the screen issues, weird buzzing noises, and unbalanced speaker performance on Google’s Pixel 2, there’s an even bigger issue that’s been bugging me. The problem isn’t restricted to just that single device—and in fact, it actually crept up about six months ago when Samsung released the Galaxy S8. Read More >>

That Annoying Bixby Button on your S8 Can Finally be Disabled

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S8, it also unveiled Bixby - its very own answer to Siri. The handset had a built-in button especially for calling upon Bixby, and Samsung was adamant that you weren't going to use that button for anything else. Read More >>

Samsung Says That Bixby Speaker is Still Happening

Everyone and their dog is trying to muscle in on the smart speaker game these days. Amazon pioneered the gadgets, but Google, Apple, and Microsoft all want in. The only company to seemingly put an end to such plans was Samsung, but it's now gone and backtracked by confirming there's still a Bixby-powered speaker in the works. Read More >>

Samsung’s Bixby is Now Available in 200 More Countries, Including the UK

Bixby was supposed to be the Galaxy S8's killer feature, offering a virtual assistant built into the phone with its own dedicated button. Then it kept getting delayed, apparently because it was struggling to learn English. After launching in the US little over a month ago, Samsung has finally let Bixby go global - and that means its voice functions are available in the UK. Read More >>