Another of Dwayne Johnson’s Jungle Cruise Collaborators is Joining Him for Black Adam

Much to the surprise of all, the Black Adam movie seems to be actually moving forward, with Shazam or without him, and this weekend another crucial bit of information about the film dropped. Read More >>

The Rock Explains Why He Thinks Shazam Villain Black Adam Is a Hero

It makes sense that the guy who wrestled as the People’s Champion—with the backstory of butting heads with powers-that-be—would look at DC Comics continuity and come away with this reading of the character. Read More >>

Dwayne Johnson’s Shazam Villain Is Getting His Own DC Solo Film

DC’s proposed Shazam movie doesn’t have a director, star, or even a finished script. What it does have is a villain, Black Adam, played by Dwayne Johnson, and that means he’s getting his own movie. Read More >>