Star Wars Featurette Maker Wants The Crowd to Pay for Black Angel Remake

The maker of the lost (then found, then redistributed) short film that accompanied the original theatrical release of The Empire Strikes Back in the UK is back, with director Roger Christian asking for $100k to remake his Black Angel short as a proper feature, seeing as everyone's excited about anything even the slightest bit related to Star Wars again. Read More >>

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Watch for Free a Long-Lost Film That Preceded Screenings of The Empire Strikes Back

If you want your morning stirred up by some ethereal beauty, you may want to set 25-minutes' worth of time aside to watch Roger Christian's short film Black Angel. Never heard of it? Read on... Read More >>

Lost Short Film Shown Before Empire Strikes Back Re-Emerges Over Three Decades Later

Black Angel, a short film shown in the cinemas directly before the feature film Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back in 1980, was long thought to be lost, like Luke Skywalker's hand down a Cloud City rubbish chute. Read More >>