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Airlines Begin to Ground Boeing 737 Max-8 Planes After Deadly Ethiopian Crash

Multiple airlines around the world, along with the countries of China and Indonesia, have decided to ground Boeing 737 Max-8 planes in the wake of a crash on Sunday that killed 157 people. The crash of Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 was the second by a Boeing 737 Max-8 in the past five months. This past October, a Max-8 that was operated by Lion Air crashed off the coast of Indonesia and killed all 189 people on board. Read More >>

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What’s Actually Inside an Aeroplane’s Black Box?

Whenever you hear about a tragic plane crash, you always hear about the mythical black box. What exactly does the black box do and what’s even inside it? What’s Inside took a look by cutting the black box (it’s not actually black) in half and ripping it open to see its guts. Read More >>

Glasgow Helicopter Crash Families Call for Black Boxes in all Passenger Aircraft

The families of those involved with the Clutha Vaults helicopter crash -- where a police helicopter crashed into a pub, killing 10 people -- have left the inquiry into what happened confused and frustrated, claiming that the only way to suitably handle such investigations in the future is to install black box flight recorders in all passenger carrying aircraft. Read More >>