Argos Can’t Wait for Black Friday Deals, Launches ‘Crazy Code’ Deals

Black Friday is still over a month away, but Argos is starting off the money-saving deals even earlier than usual. These aren't Black Friday deals, per se, but they are what the retailer calls 'Crazy Code' deals. In other words they're deals that you can only get by adding in a special code before you finish the checkout process. Read More >>

In the Run-up to Prime Day Shell is Having a (Very Early) Black Friday Sale

Yes, Shell is doing broadband now. It has been for a while, in fact.  Today's announcement is just as odd and unexpected as that revelation, with Shell's Summer Black Friday Sale. Read More >>

Black Friday Blamed for Ruining Christmas on the High Street

There's some good news and some bad news here from the Office for National Statistics. The good news is that we, as a nation, are really getting it together when it comes to doing our Christmas shopping in advance. The bad news is we're doing it really far in advance in November, on Black Friday, and are therefore contributing to the dramatic erosion of the high street retailers. Read More >>

Carphone Warehouse Accused of Ruining Magic of Black Friday

Carphone Warehouse and its subsidiary brand are in the middle of a customer internet criticism whirlwind, after problems with financial systems saw some shoppers refused their Black Friday phone orders. Read More >>

Lego Knocks 30% Off Two More Sets For Cyber Monday

Today's the last deal of Lego's Black Friday/Cyber Monday shenanigans, and it's added a couple of bonus daily deals to try and last-minute tempt us. Read More >>

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Cards Against Humanity’s Black Friday Sale Has 99% Off Cars, Holidays, Toilets…

If there's one company guaranteed to do something off-the-wall for Black Friday, it's those pranksters at 'the party game for horrible people', Cards Against Humanity. Read More >>

Cyber Monday is Here, and Here are Amazon’s Best New Tech Deals

Black Friday and the resulting weekend is over, which means only one thing: it's Cyber Monday. The last official day of deals before Christmas, which means we can stop writing about the blasted things. Well, unless the retailers decided to drop a few more prices over the next month. Which they no doubt will. But we still need to digest what's on offer today, and here are all the best techy deals you can get your hands on from Amazon. Read More >>

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Amazon’s Latest Post-Black Friday Black Friday Deals, New For Sunday 25th November

Oh you thought Black Friday was over? Hahahaha, afraid not! Not at Amazon at least, who continues to churn them out. And even on a Sunday, the day of rest and all that, those folks at Amazon still work hard to give us discounts on stuff we probably don't need. Aww. Read More >>

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Amazon’s Condom Deal Is Officially The Biggest Ever Saving On Black Friday

Amazon were the big proponents of Black Friday in the UK, and now they've officially claimed the Gizmodo UK title for the Best Black Friday Deal of All Time. Read More >>

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Black Friday May be Over, but There are Still Tech Deals to be Had – Here’s What’s New on 24/11

Black Friday was yesterday, and with it came a stream of deals to pile on top of the many deals we've already been drowning in for the past few weeks. Seeing as how Black Friday is an event, and Cyber Monday is still to come, the retailers haven't given up on the deals. Read More >>

Amazon Workers Across Europe Protest Black Friday, Citing Gruelling Work Conditions

Amazon employees across parts of Europe are striking and protesting what they describe as dangerous work conditions and anti-union tactics. The protests coincide with Black Friday, one of the busiest and most stressful days of the year for workers in retail. Read More >>

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Firebox Is Doing 3-For-£30 On A Load Of Its Products

Firebox is one of our very favourite online shops, because it somehow manages to find really weird stuff that you somehow really want. It's also great for presents, especially for hard-to-buy for types. Read More >>

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Get Half Price off a Year of Xbox Game Pass on Amazon

A whole year's worth of games for just £47.99? Sign us up! Read More >>

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Currys PC World Is Doing Free Deezer Subscriptions With Audio Products

We're constantly surprised that streaming service Deezer still exists, but apparently it does, and Currys PC World are giving away free subscriptions with any audio product. Read More >>

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Save Over £500 on a Samsung Galaxy S9 With Vodafone’s Black Friday Deals

Vodafone has been pushing out Black Friday deals for a little while now, but since most of them looked pretty rubbish we haven't paid them much notice. But now the big day has rolled round there are actually some you might want to take advantage of. The rubbish ones are still there, they're just not alone anymore. Read More >>