Black Friday
Nokia Black Friday Bundles Get an Added Loyalty Discount

If you thought Black Friday was over, think again, because Nokia is trying its best to give you a fresh new deal. Read More >>

Black Friday
Get 2 Games for £30 at Argos for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch

Argos is currently running a sale on games that extends all the way up until January 25. Read More >>

Black Friday
Currys PC World Cyber Monday Deal Saves You £250 on This Samsung Dolby Atmos Soundbar

If you've somehow managed to muddle through Black Friday with your wallet intact, you might want to consider this soundbar deal from Currys. Read More >>

Save £430 on This Sony Compact Bridge Camera Thanks to Cyber Monday

Today is Cyber Monday, which means very little other than 'last day of the Black Friday bonanza that's been happening for nearly a month'. While we all know there are pre-Christmas sales coming, it's still nice to be able to get money off stuff we don't really need but would quite like to have. Stuff like this Sony Digital Compact Bridge Camera. Read More >>

Save Many, Many Pounds on D-Link Networking Equipment in Amazon’s Cyber Monday Sale

Finally a deal that seems worthy of the 'cyber' moniker, even though we all know Cyber Monday is a meaningless title that's redundant now that most shopping is done online anyway. But if you're in the need for some networking equipment (among other things), D-Link is offering money off its kit today. Read More >>

Black Friday
Lego’s Cyber Monday Deal Knocks 30% off Selected Sets

Lego has five sets on offer for today only, saving you 30 per cent - but they're selling out already. Read More >>

Get Up to 20% off Renewed MacBooks and iMacs in Amazon’s Cyber Monday Sale

MacBooks are expensive. iMacs are even more expensive. Because buying an Apple product brand new is a very expensive way to do things - especially when there are much cheaper ways to do things. Ways that including buying 'renewed' (basically second hand) versions that have been put together so they're basically new. Read More >>

Black Friday
Argos Cyber Monday Offer Cuts Apple Watch Price to £189

Black Friday may have come and gone, but retailer's sales are only starting to wrap up - like this Apple Watch deal at Argos. Read More >>

Amazon Has Mesh Networks on Sale for Cyber Monday, in Case You Missed Them Earlier This Week

Earlier this week Amazon discounted mesh networking kits from a number of different companies, including Netgear and Tenda Nova. They were reasonably good deals, though if you managed to miss out on picking up some equipment there is some good news. Amazon just launched some more discounts on kit from both companies. Read More >>

Amazon Just Knocked up to 35% off Lego in its Pre-Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber Monday isn't really that big a deal anymore. With online shopping completely dominating brick-and-mortar shops, and the fact 'Black Friday' is two or three weeks long. Even though it's just another day in the sales season, there are still Cyber Monday sales, and today Amazon's latest batch of stuff includes up to 35% off selected Lego sets. Read More >>

Get £90 off the Lego Star Wars ‘Betrayal at Cloud City’ Set in Today’s Black Friday Deals

Back when I reviewed the 'Betrayal at Cloud City' Lego city, I noted that it was a great set overshadowed by a serious case of overpricing. Normally this would cost you £300, but thanks to a well-needed Black Friday discount it's only going to cost £210. Read More >>

Samsung Has Some Early Cyber Monday/Late Black Friday Deals to Enjoy Between Now and Tuesday

Samsung has done many a Black Friday deal already, but clearly there are still more to come. Especially since Cyber Monday is right around the corner. Here are a few of the deals that have just gone live, plus a few more that you might have missed until now. Read More >>

40% off Duracell Batteries Means You Have no Excuse Not to be Ready for Christmas

Believe it or not there is still stuff out there that needs batteries to operate. Proper AA batteries, not unremoveable rechargeable batteries that break down after a few years. A lot of them (toys included) get gifted at Christmas, and you can easily get caught out. Thankfully Black Friday and Cyber Monday mean you don't have to. Read More >>

Save £100 on an LG LOUDR Home Cinema System in Another Early Cyber Monday Discount

Black Friday is over, but the Black Friday period is still ongoing. Because Cyber Monday hasn't happened yet, and that means we have two whole days of deals that are still technically Black Friday deals, because that's how retailers do things these day. Today, we have a discount on one of LG's LOUDR home cinema systems. Read More >>

Cards Against Humanity Writers Fight Computer AI For Their Jobs

The Cards Against Humanity team are known for their Black Friday stunts. In the past they have dug a hole to nowhere and sold new products every 10 minutes. They even went after Trump's border wall once. Read More >>