Hackers Can Hijack Electric Skateboards Now

At this point, it feels like everything that can be hacked, will be hacked: Computers, phones, industrial systems, cars, baby monitors, and now... electric skateboards. Read More >>

Google’s Fixing the Hangouts Hack With ‘Biggest Software Update Ever’

Security researchers scared the shit out of Android users last week when they revealed a vulnerability that let hackers control your phone with a single text. In a session at Black Hat, Google’s Adrian Ludwig just explained exactly how it’s being fixed, calling it the biggest software update in history. He seems pretty relaxed about the whole thing, too. Read More >>

Now Anyone Can Get the Malware That Exploits USB’s Fundamental Flaw

Don't plug strange USB sticks into your computers. Don't do it. A pair of hackers just made public the code for malware that takes advantage of a fundamental flaw in USB firmware. They didn't do this to be mean, but you can be sure some evil hackers will use it to be mean. Read More >>

What Apple Presenting to Hackers at Black Hat Really Means

Apple's making its first ever debut at the world famous Black Hat hacking convention this year. It's planning to give a presentation on key security technology within iOS, but it really means something else. Apple's been forced to admit its stuff isn't totally secure and it could do with some help. This is the end of Apple's security bragging rights. Read More >>