Black Lightning Will Feature an Entire Family of Black Superheroes

At the centre of every CW television show based on a comic book is a superhero who’d be nothing without his or her family—the support system that keeps the hero grounded. Usually, these groups are chosen families of friends and colleagues, but when Black Lightning drops this fall, it’s doing something different. Read More >>

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In the First Look at CW’s Black Lightning, a Retired Hero Returns to Kick Some Arse

Say hello to the latest member of the CW’s roster of comic book heroes: Jefferson Pierce. But as the first trailer for Black Lightning shows, there’s dark times ahead for the titular character, as he chooses to don his mask once again after giving up on being a superhero for his family. Read More >>

Here’s the First Look at the TV Version of Black Lightning

Ok, then, no afro-mask. Looking good, Jefferson Pierce. Read More >>

Cress Williams Will Be the Star of the Black Lightning TV Show

Say hello to the latest DC hero to land on the US's CW Network: Cress Williams has been cast at Jefferson Pierce, the star of Black Lightning. Read More >>