Croydon Isn’t Bleak Enough for Black Mirror

The desolate, brutalist, and occasionally space-age buildings of Croydon aren't old and battered enough for popular thinkpiece sci-fi show Black Mirror, as the Netflix programme is bringing back some 1980s shop fronts to the town to make it look more rundown and unloved than usual. Read More >>

Chinese Citizens With Bad ‘Social Credit’ to Be Blocked From Taking Planes and Trains

China’s terrifying “social credit” system isn’t planned to be fully implemented until 2020, but we’re already seeing facets of it being put in place. In May, people who have committed acts of “serious dishonour” will reportedly be unable to travel on trains or flights for up to a year. Read More >>

Black Mirror Just Ruined My Marriage

Over the course of just a few seasons, Black Mirror has ruined social media, political engagement, augmented reality, nerd culture, video gaming, and basically everything else—so of course love would be next. This Valentine’s Day, Black Mirror’s new social media campaign brings its True Love Test to the real world, which has given my nuptials an “expiry date.” Now, to break the bad news to the cat. Read More >>

Black Mirror Embraces A Season of Firsts In This Season Four Making-Of Featurette

Black Mirror’s fourth season is, in hindsight, a radically ambitious feat for Charlie Brooker and his team of reality-breaking creators. It faces the criticisms that season three fell into a rut of cynicism and familiarity with what producer Annabel Jones calls, in this Netflix featurette, “a series of firsts.” Read More >>

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Watch Karl Pilkington Predict New Black Mirror Plots Years Ahead of Time

The dystopian scifi anthology series Black Mirror is known for making eerie predictions about the future, but it seems that The Ricky Gervais Show'a little round-headed buffoon Karl Pilkington was way ahead of the curve when he outlined the plot of two storylines from the new season of Netflix’s hit show back in 2012. Read More >>

Stop What You’re Doing and Watch Black Mirror’s ‘USS Callister’

Ever since I heard Netflix’s Black Mirror was going to do a parody of Star Trek, with a focus on totalitarianism, a million ideas ran through my head. Was this going to be like Star Trek: Discovery, exploring the conflict between military might and scientific exploration—or, was it going to be the Mirror Universe brought to life, showing what a man like Captain Kirk would become if he’d been given more control? As it turns out, “USS Callister” was nothing like I expected, and it’s an absolute must-see. Read More >>

Netflix Freaks Out Users with Creepy Black Mirror Marketing Stunt

Users of Turkey’s equivalent to Reddit received an unsettling message late last night. Across the site, users began complaining that they’d received a mysterious DM from an account named “iamwaldo” that left many people feeling paranoid and anxious. It appears that was the intention of the message, which is actually a viral marketing ploy to promote the new season of Black Mirror. Read More >>

Black Mirror Video Terrifyingly Reminds Us How Brutal 2017 Was

Black Mirror’s fourth season is now streaming, and they’re celebrating this latest collection of technological dystopian tales by showing us we don’t really need them...because we’re already living in a technological dystopia. THANKS, NETFLIX. Read More >>

Black Mirror’s Female-Led Fourth Season Was a Happy Accident

Black Mirror’s showrunners didn’t intend for every episode of the fourth season to feature a female protagonist, but they’re thrilled that’s how it played out. Read More >>

Charlie Brooker Ruins Christmas

Charlie Brooker is well known for his work that takes a scathing view of the world, which is always appreciated because sometimes the world needs knocking down a peg or two. But Brooker has gone and done the worst possible thing imaginable for people struggling with the shitty state of the world. He's cancelled 2017 Wipe. Read More >>

The Makers of Black Mirror on Season Four, the Dystopian Present, and Getting Tricked Into Liking Game of Thrones

At this year’s Emmy Awards, Black Mirror won Outstanding TV Movie and Outstanding Writing for “San Junipero,” an outing that everyone described as unusually uplifting for a show which often takes a quite bleak look at the world. When we talked to executive producer Annabel Jones and creator-executive producer-writer Charlie Brooker, they indicated that season four would be the home to more “San Juniperos.” Read More >>

Get Your First Look at Black Mirror’s Freaky Fourth Season Right Now

Oh man, is that a Star Trek parody/pastiche/homage? The next season of Black Mirror needs to get here ASAP. Read More >>

Scientists Are Building Pollinator Drones in Preparation For Our Dystopian Future

The bees are dying globally at an alarming rate. As we continue to come to grips with the problems of our dystopian future, it’s probably as good a time as ever to dream up some solutions with an idea straight out of the dystopian show Black Mirror: pollinating drones. Read More >>