Blackberry Accuses Facebook of Patent Infringement, Seeks Injunction That Could Shut It Down

After allegedly trying to hold discussions with Facebook for the past “several years,” BlackBerry finally decided to take Facebook to court today, filing a patent infringement lawsuit against the social media giant. Read More >>

BlackBerry Wants To Keep Smart Cars Secure With ‘Jarvis’

Remember BlackBerry? They made those phones with the full keyboard and only corporate executives thought they were worth the time. Well they're back with something a little different this time; they want to help protect the software in your smart car from hackers and other online jerks. Read More >>

The New BlackBerry Motion Ditches the Keyboard

BlackBerry put an end to its long-simmering hardware misery and stopped designing new phones in 2016, opting to move entirely into the software sector. Yet the actual BlackBerry brand continues to shuffle along in the form of a partnership with Chinese company TCL, which earlier this year released the BlackBerry KeyOne, a moderately successful throwback phone which retained the increasingly obsolete physical keyboard. Read More >>

Um Kim Kardashian? I Think I Found Your New BlackBerry

Pardon me dear readers. Normally this space is reserved for missives to you, but I am positive you do not care about the BlackBerry KeyOne, a new phone from BlackBerry Mobile. Besides Kim Kardashian, very few people have cared about BlackBerry phones in recent years. That’s why today I’m going to take a moment to reach out to Kim. The girl’s been a wreck since her ancient Bold 9900 died last year, and I really think she needs to know there’s a new, actually kind of excellent, BlackBerry device. Read More >>

mwc 2017
The Nostalgia Tech Trend Is Bad 

At the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, we saw two formerly great smartphone brands— Nokia and BlackBerry — try to win their way back into consumers’ hearts with the relaunch of decidedly old-school gadgets. BlackBerry Mobile, whose name is licensed to Chinese electronics maker TCL, introduced its newest throwback the BlackBerry KeyOne, an Android phone that looks like an updated, more modern version of the BlackBerry 9900. Nokia, now run by HMD Global, just decided to straight-up bring back the 3310 form-factor, but with a colour screen, a camera, and crazy battery life. Read More >>

BlackBerry Returns (Again) With QWERTY Android Phone With No Name

TCL Communication Technology Holdings Limited, the current owner of the BlackBerry brand, has announced a new BB mobile at CES, although it's not gone so far as to give it a name. It's the "...latest BlackBerry smartphone" and they're still trying to think up a good name or number for it. Read More >>

BlackBerry Hasn’t Given up on the Physical Keyboard

Industry sad sack BlackBerry has issued the world a reminder of its continued existence, with CEO John Chen this week confirming that a new phone with a physical keyboard is incoming. Read More >>

BlackBerry Will Stop Making Phones

It’s the end of an era. BlackBerry, a name once synonymous with high-end smartphones, will no longer make mobile devices. Along with a dismal financial report, the company announced on Wednesday it “plans to end all internal hardware development and will outsource that function to partners”. Read More >>

Blackberry Gives Up

Blackberry has basically given up. The dusty old smartphone pioneer is releasing its second Android phone, even after investors (and an uninterested public) urged CEO John Chen to ditch the handset business altogether. But alas, here we are, and so is Blackberry’s new smartphone, the DTEK50. Read More >>

BlackBerry’s Next Phone Doesn’t Appear to be a BlackBerry at All

Confusing as it sounds, it appears that BlackBerry’s upcoming handset -- the Hamburg -- will actually be manufactured by a completely different company. Which would sort of make it a non-BlackBerry BlackBerry, as it’s also set to run Android. Read More >>

BlackBerry Thinks Tech Companies Should Comply With ‘Reasonable Requests’ From Cops

While Apple has been waging a very public battle, it turns out that Canadian police have been decrypting the messages of millions of Blackberry users. Rather than apologising for the breach, Blackberry CEO John Chen defended his company’s approach. Read More >>

BlackBerry Has Two More Android Models in its Lab Pipes

Well, this is a bit awkward. Previous rumours that BlackBerry was considering abandoning hardware making altogether -- or abandon having a company put its logo on things, at least -- would appear to be a bit wrong. Very wrong, in fact, as the company's CEO has said him and his people have a pair of mid-range Android devices on the way. Read More >>

BlackBerry on the Verge of Ditching Smartphone Hardware

Daniel Chan, an analyst with TD securities, has gone live with quite the opinion, claiming that he foresees a future in which BlackBerry gives up on hardware altogether, thanks to not exactly setting the world a flame with its Android options. Read More >>

Zuckerberg Just Hammered Another Big Fat Nail Into BlackBerry’s Coffin

Poor BlackBerry. The former smartphone heavyweight has taken a big one on the chin from Facebook, which is dropping support for BlackBerry’s mobile operating systems. It’s not clear when the social network intends to cut ties, but when it does, BlackBerry users will only be able to access the site through a browser. Read More >>

Police Claim They Can Crack Emails on Uncrackable BlackBerries

BlackBerry already trades on the strength of its software’s security, so you’d think that a special £1,200 ultra-encrypted Berry would be a guarantee of privacy. According to Dutch police, not so much. Read More >>