Swipe Buster Will Find Your Dad on Tinder — For a Fee

So how do you find someone's Tinder profile without going down the potentially dangerous path of creating a Tinder profile yourself? You can, if so minded, pay a service to do the digging for you, with new tool Swipe Buster asking for just (!) £3.50 to look up someone's entirely innocent friendship profile. Read More >>

Blackmailers Held Nokia Code to Ransom for Millions of Euros

Blackmail is a nasty business, but it's not just the stuff of movie plots: Nokia was in 2008 forced to pay "several million euros" to criminals who held its code to ransom, reports Reuters. Read More >>

Latest Porno Torrent Blackmail: Pay Up Or We Tell Your Family, Perv

It's one thing if your friends, family, and neighbours find out that you've been doing some torrenting. It's a bit worse if they find out what kind of porn you like. Unluckily for smut pirates everywhere, a new "pay-up-now" letter that's doing the circuit pretty explicitly threatens to go around telling people exactly that. Read More >>

Blackmailers Are Threatening Red Bull With Poop-Tainted Cans

Downing an ice cold Red Bull for your morning pick-me-up? Swallow now. Because apparently, your energy drink of choice has found itself the victim of some good, old-fashioned poop extortion. Read More >>

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Kanye West Falls Hook, Line and Sinker For Celebrity Wiki Blackmail Gag

Now here’s a fantastic idea for making a bit of cash on the side, if it wasn’t illegal of course. Change someone’s Wikipedia page and get them to pay for the privilege of you changing it back for them. Kanye seemed keen at least. Read More >>