Lawrence G. Paull, Oscar-Nominated Visionary Behind Blade Runner, Back to the Future, Dies at 81

Lawrence G. Paull, the art director and production designer behind iconic movies like Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner and Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the Future, died Sunday per the Hollywood Reporter. According to a publicist’s announcement, he passed away in La Jolla, in the US state of California, at the age of 81. No cause of death was cited, THR reported. Read More >>

This Parody of Blade Runner Is Prepared to Hunt Down 2019’s Real Machine Menace

Okay, yeah, the replicants aren’t bad, that’s the whole point of Blade Runner. But, throwing that little subtextual wrinkle out the window, let’s consider the fact that Blade Runner is now set in the present. It’s November 2019, the same timeframe as the original film. It’s happening, out there, in the streets. And if it’s happening, maybe it’s happening like this. Read More >>

Heads Up: Replicants May Already Be Among Us

Hey, do you have a creeping sense that some people are actually ruthless, homicidal androids merely posing as humans? I have some bad news. According to the documentary film Blade Runner, which takes place in November 2019, replicants have already arrived on Earth. Read More >>

Blade Runner Star Rutger Hauer Has Passed Away

Rutger Hauer, a staple in science fiction and fantasy, has died at the age of 75. As reported by Variety, the Dutch actor who starred alongside Harrison Ford in Blade Runner passed away after a short illness. Read More >>

Meet the New Replicant Hunter in Titan Comics’ Blade Runner 2019

Unlike the comic book companions to most other major cinematic universes, Titan Comics’ upcoming Blade Runner books are all canon and set within the same continuity of the original Blade Runner and its sequel, Blade Runner 2049. That’s what makes this exclusive look at the first cover to Blade Runner 2019 so interesting. Read More >>

A Blade Runner Anime Series? Sure, Why Not?

The world of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner is a dystopia that just won’t go away. On the heels of Titan’s recently-announced Blade Runner comics series, Adult Swim has just revealed its plans for a new animated series set before the events of the recent sequel film, Blade Runner 2049. Read More >>

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How Some Classic Cyberpunk Tropes Have Outlived Their Welcome

The visual language of cyberpunk was invented in the late ‘70s. And a lot of it just doesn’t work anymore. Read More >>

12 Unforgettable Sci-Fi Movies About Memory

Filmmakers love to explore memory problems—in the form of amnesia, dementia, manipulation, conflicting recollections of the past, you name it. And this thematic fascination isn’t limited to any one movie genre; it’s the one thing Overboard, Memento, and Rashomon all have in common. Read More >>

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The World of Blade Runner Is Coming to Comics

Blade Runner 2049 may not have lit the box office on fire nearly as much as it should have, but its dystopian world is living on in the world of comic books. Read More >>

Mansion from Blade Runner and House on Haunted Hill Goes Up For Sale in Los Angeles

One of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous mansions, known as the Ennis House, is up for sale in east Los Angeles in the US state of California. And even if you don’t know the house, you certainly know the movies that the famous building has appeared in, including Blade Runner (1982), The House on Haunted Hill (1959) and The Replacement Killers (1998). The 6,000 square foot house can be yours for the low price of just $23 million (£17 million). Read More >>

One Former Blade Runner Star Wasn’t Impressed With Blade Runner 2049

When Blade Runner 2049 offered an extended stay in the universe created by Ridley Scott’s original, most of the major players from the original returned in some form or another. The most important character who didn’t is Rutger Hauer’s Roy Batty, which is just as well, considering what Hauer thinks of the film. Read More >>

Making the VFX of Blade Runner 2049

The original Blade Runner was a milestone in sci-fi cinema, production design, and visual effects. Continuing it from a story point of view was tricky – but living up to it from a visual standpoint was damn near impossible. And so everyone was delighted when Blade Runner 2049 turned out to be even more of a visual feast than the original movie. Read More >>

Blade Runner 2049 Director Is Still Wrapping His Head Around Why It Underperformed

Blade Runner 2049 was a critical darling, getting a largely raving reception, but audiences didn’t seem to reciprocate. The movie had lackluster success, failing to bring in little more than half its budget domestically. And while it’s done better overseas, director Denis Villeneuve is struggling to understand why the movie was such a box office disappointment—though it could be history repeating itself. Read More >>

At One Point, Blade Runner 2049 Was Almost a Four-Hour, Two-Part Film

Almost every film you’ve ever seen was longer in an earlier version. That’s why they films go through editing. But when a film is already long, it’s interesting to hear how filmmakers tried to deal with it. And director Denis Villeneuve reportedly considered something bold for Blade Runner 2049. Read More >>