I Kind of Thought The Blair Witch Project Was Real – This Is My Story

I believe your enjoyment of The Blair Witch Project is directly related to when you saw it. When the film opened in wide-release in July of 1999, it was beyond a massive success and yet, large chunks of that audience hated it. They wondered, “Why was this movie so hyped? Why did I just pay to see that? Who would be scared by this?” Read More >>

The New Blair Witch Is Paying Tribute to the Original With Some Creepy Viral Marketing

One of the biggest legacies of The Blair Witch Project legacy remains its online, viral marketing. Now, 17 years after that phenomenon, the new Blair Witch movie is doing something similar. Read More >>

Movie Review: Blair Witch Is the Amazing Sequel You Never Knew You Needed

Friday night at San Diego Comic-Con, I was privileged to be in the one audience ever that thought they were seeing a movie called The Woods, but ended up seeing the third Blair Witch film. It was a shocking, awesome reveal that was long planned by the studio. And the best part was that the movie is good—and very, very scary. Read More >>

Surprise, The Woods Is Actually A Blair Witch Sequel

After Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, we didn’t think we’d be seeing another entry in this franchise. Until now. Read More >>