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Building a Gigantic Blender is the Best Use For an Unwanted Lawnmower

What do you do when you move into a house without a lawn and no longer have any need for your electric mower? That’s easy, you strip it down and use its spinning blade to build an over-sized blender that can slice and dice much more than just chunks of ice. Read More >>

Combining a Blender, Chainsaw, and Motorcycle Is Summer Done Right

Looking for a fun project that promises to improve every last part of the forthcoming Summer? Do what Instructables’ Mike Warren did and combine a gas-powered chainsaw with a blender for making the smoothest margaritas without the need for a power cable. Read More >>

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The Interesting Science of How Your Blender Works

If you think your blender is just a crazy powerful tornado smasher of things, you’re not wrong! But there are also some other fascinating things going on inside of that do it all wonder device. And one of the secret weapons of a blender are the tiny little bubbles it creates. It’s called cavitation, when those bubbles collapse they cause a shockwave that breaks the food around it. Or blends it! Read More >>

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Magnetic Bucky Balls In a Blender Create One Terrifying Light Show

It didn't take long for those "Will it Blend?" videos to get long in the tooth. After all, you can only watch so many smartphones being torn to shreds before the novelty wears off. Read More >>