Amazon Just Bought Itself Another Way Into Your Home

Amazon has just been shovelling out smart devices this year, launching a shedload of new Alexa-powered devices including an all-new Echo, the Echo Spot, and the premium Echo Plus. But one category where Amazon’s portfolio feels a bit thin is home security, where its indoor-only Cloud Cam is the company’s sole offering. Read More >>

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Google Might Be Ditching Webkit, But There’s One Version of Chrome That Just Can’t Escape It

News came this morning that Google's going to fork Webkit, producing a new rendering engine called Blink. According to the developers, that's going to be a great thing for speed, and hopefully for memory usage on the desktop. On the mobile though, at least on the iPhone, Chrome's not going to escape the clutches of Webkit, probably ever. Read More >>

Google Is Forking WebKit to Create a New Rendering Engine For Chrome and Opera

Google announced last night that it's going to stop using WebKit — the rendering engine currently used by the likes of Safari and Chrome to display web pages — in favour of its own solution, which will be called Blink. Read More >>

The Humble Origins of the HTML Blink Tag

Lou Montulli was one of the first people to work on the Netscape web browser, which gave birth to many of the venerable (and likely deprecated) web standards some of us grew up with. And if not for him, the much despised (or maybe loved) HTML Blink tag may never have existed. This is his story. Read More >>