You’ll Soon be Able to Livestream Your Overwatch Sessions Directly on Facebook

Facebook and Blizzard have struck a deal that will see users given the ability to livestream gaming sessions directly on the social network. Named ‘Go Live’, the guaranteed-to-be-ludicrously-popular feature will see your timeline clogged with Overwatch footage, as well as a smattering of ‘lad’ videos of people tricking their apparent baes into eating shit and ‘tag your mate in this’ pictures of bananas. Read More >>

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Look How Much Snow Fell on the Northeast This Weekend

As you’ve no doubt heard, the East Coast of the US got walloped by a record-breaking winter storm. But sometimes, words simply can’t do justice to the magnitude of a meteorological event. You need images taken from 250 miles up. Read More >>

Blizzard Gives Hearthstone Players Free Cards to Say Sorry for Downtime

If you're an avid Hearthstone player and you're based in Europe, you might have noticed that there were some connection issues last week. While our American cousins battled blissfully away online, our experience was a little more hit and miss. Read More >>

Winter Storm Nemo Has Ruined Twitter Parody Accounts Forever

We all knew this would happen. It always happens, but it's still horrifying to see. Put together by EJMaroun and brought to our attention by stefan, here's a harrowing look at the state of Twitter comedy today. This is far more harrowing than a storm. Read More >>

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You’re Being Lied To: Windows 8 Isn’t Bad for Gaming

Windows 8 is a threat to computer gaming. It's a "catastrophe," if you listen to Gabe Newell at Valve, or heads at a bunch of other major gaming companies. But the thing is, even though everyone in video games is yelling about Windows 8, they're not actually yelling about, well, gaming. Read More >>

Blizzard’s Hacked and Slashed

Potentially up there with the 10 Worst Hacks of All Time, Blizzard's venerable has been compromised, with oodles of passwords and e-mail addresses potentially spilling out into the hands of hackers. Oops. Read More >>

Blizzard Mucking About With iOS WoW Ports

The well aged World of Warcraft could well make an appearance on iPhone and iPad at some point in the future, thanks to developer Blizzard continually trying to find a way of getting the MMORPG's enormous interface demands to function on a touchscreen. Read More >>