A New Reason to Not Buy These Cheap Android Devices: Complimentary Malware

Researchers at Avast Threat Labs say that more than 100 different low-cost Android devices from manufacturers like ZTE, Archos, and myPhone come with malware pre-installed. Users in more than 90 countries, including the UK, are said to be infected. The good news is there’s a fix. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Has as Much Bloatware as Ever

You know the rumours about how the Galaxy S6 would have dramatically less bloatware? How a bunch of the Samsung apps would be deletable if not completely optional? Yeah, not true: the Galaxy S6 has as much bloatware as ever. Read More >>

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How to Banish Bloatware from Your PC and Smartphone

You're never going to use the borked trial versions of all these programs that came preinstalled on your new laptop or smartphone, so why should they continue taking up precious hard drive space? Here's how to cut the deadweight out of your operating system. Read More >>