Russia Is Still Trashing Its Internet Two Weeks Into Its Failed Rampage Against Telegram

Since Russia banned the Telegram messaging app, the government has embarked on a campaign of hitting itself in the face. The functionality of the Russian internet has been hobbled for two weeks as regulators wildly block IP addresses, and on Thursday a Kremlin spokesperson admitted he still uses Telegram. “It works for me, and there’s nothing to it,” he said. Read More >>

The Wayback Machine Was Quietly Blocked in India

On Tuesday evening, citizens of India were appalled to find that the Internet Archive had been blocked by a growing number of local ISPs. Instead of finding the Wayback Machine, users saw a message that is routinely used when the government restricts access to an online organisation. Read More >>

Netflix App Starts Blocking Rooted Android Users

Streaming giant Netflix is infuriating the hardcore Android users of the world right now, after an updated version of its app for Google phones started stating that it will no longer work for users of mobiles running rooted or aftermarket bootloader unlocked versions of the Android OS. Read More >>

Electronic Shield Makes Pub a Safe Haven from Mobile Phones

A pub in Hove on the south coast of England has come up with a novel way to differentiate itself from the local competition -- erecting a metal cage around it to block phone signals and make it a phone-free space. Like the 1970s. Read More >>

Reddit Censored by Virgin Media’s Underground Wi-Fi Service

Those hoping to browse the endless cascade of fun, misery, news and -- whoops, my finger slipped -- pornography via Reddit on the London Underground are currently unable to do so, with the site said to be completely blocked by service provider Virgin Media. Read More >>

David Cameron Still Angry About Porn, Promises Block in Family Homes

The PM was previously rumoured to be planning a crackdown on porn in homes where children are present, now he's come out and said it. ISPs will have to block porn by default for households who have kids. Read More >>

Twitter Nukes a Neo-Nazi Account, But Only In Germany

This is the first time Twitter's used its new-found geolocation blocking powers. Requested by the German police, the neo-Nazi feed is only blocked to those browsing from Germany. Is this the start of region-locking and censorship on Twitter? [BBC] Read More >>

Reddit Bans Links to Big-Name Sites Over Spamming Violations

Reddit has announced, in a new subreddit called r/BannedDomains, that it is banning a swathe of big-name websites — including The Atlantic and Businessweek — in a bid to limit spam and abuse. Read More >>