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British Startup to Launch ‘Crowdfunded Netflix’

A British startup is aiming to rival Netflix with a new streaming service that allows members to buy shares in upcoming shows before they get big. Read More >>

Brits Don’t Get Blockchain, and Lots of Us Don’t Trust it as a Result

Blockchain is the new hip and happening thing in the world these days, or that's the way things look from the state of my email inbox. It seems like everyone has been jumping on the bandwagon to incorporate blockchain into their existing business, or forming a new start-up that's all about the blocks of chains. The problem? More than half of British people don't actually understand what blockchain is, and that makes them inherently distrustful of it. Read More >>

Starbucks: Sorry, Your Bitcoin Is Still No Good Here

Starbucks wants to be crystal clear: Despite recent stories about their involvement in some sort of blockchain project, they are not going to be accepting bitcoin as a form of payment for coffee. Read More >>

‘Long Blockchain’ Maybe Not as Smart as It Thought

Remember “Long Blockchain,” or rather, the company formerly known as Long Island Iced Tea Corp. that saw its stock skyrocket after it changed its name to refer to the foundational technology behind the cryptocurrency boom and made a vague pivot to “globally scalable blockchain technology solutions”? Turns out that might not have been so smart! Read More >>

A Twitter Bot is Giving ’50 Shades of Grey’ a Blockchain Makeover

Blockchain is the latest hip thing across the world of business, with marketers and investors seemingly jumping at the chance to get involved with anything even remotely blockchain related. Some of those people might be getting a little too excited about blockchain, if you know what I mean, and they might want to start paying attention to a new Twitter bot adding relevant references to infamous literature-porn 50 Shades of Grey. Read More >>

Walsall MP Declares UK Government Needs a ‘Chief Blockchain Officer’

Eddie Hughes, Conservative MP for Walsall has called on our government to create the new position of 'Chief Blockchain Officer', and to embrace blockchain technology as a method of transforming the UK's data systems. Let's say that again. He wants a 'Chief Blockchain Officer', because everything should be blockchain these days. Read More >>

CryptoKitties, Which Is Like Beanie Babies on the Blockchain, Seems to Be Crashing

Axiom Zen’s CryptoKitties, which is essentially a digital version of Beanie Babies based on the Ethereum blockchain, sucked in a massive amount of funding just a few months ago. But it looks an awful lot like people bought into CryptoKitties looking for a quick return on their investment and are finding that digital cats don’t always go up in or even hold their price. Read More >>

Alarming Study Suggests Bitcoin Consumes an Astonishing Amount of Energy and It’s Only Getting Worse

It takes a lot of electricity to mine bitcoins, and as more miners try to cash in on the crypto craze, the amount of energy required to win new coins increases accordingly. New research suggests the entire bitcoin network could consume as much as 7.7 gigawatts of electricity by the end of this year—enough to power a country the size of Austria. But the new analysis is not without its critics, who say there are many other factors to consider. Read More >>

Report: Facebook is Considering Creating Its Own Cryptocurrency 

Life comes at you fast. On Tuesday, news broke that Facebook formed a blockchain division. Now there is word that the company is looking into creating its own cryptocurrency. Read More >>

Facebook Is Pivoting to the Blockchain

We won’t really know what kind of consequences Facebook will face from the Cambridge Analytica scandal until its next earnings report, months from now. But Facebook is taking a lesson from struggling iced tea and camera companies by throwing some love to the blockchain. Investors: Are you happy now? Read More >>

Crypto Group Claims Blockchain Should be Exempt From EU Data Protection Rules

On 25th May the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect, and with it tech companies are going to have to make sweeping changes to how they handle user data and granting users more control over what information is stored. One Washington DC-based think tank thinks Bitcoin and the rest of the blockchain should be exempt from those rules, however. Read More >>

At Least Two Flaws in Monero Could Make Some Transactions Partially Traceable

A flaw in ostensibly untraceable cryptocurrency Monero, which has picked up steam as market leader Bitcoin has stumbled in value, may make it possible to trace transactions—and since the entire history of Monero is encoded in its blockchain in what is now known to be a semi-vulnerable method, transactions that happened years ago could potentially be analysed for information on the parties involved. Read More >>

Researchers Have Found Child Abuse Imagery Within Bitcoin’s Blockchain

Blockchain has been referred to as many things, with specific emphasis on the fact that it's much more secure than other methods of data storage because it's basically impossible to hack the entire chain. Unfortunately that extra security makes it more appealing to criminals, who are ready to exploit it for their own ends. And they have, because German researchers found that someone has hidden child abuse images inside Bitcoin's blockchain. Read More >>

Twitter May Soon Be the Latest Tech Giant to Ban Many Cryptocurrency Ads

Those looking to run advertisements for cryptocurrencies and related products may soon have to steer clear of Twitter, which Sky News reported on Sunday is “preparing to prohibit a range of cryptocurrency advertisements amid looming regulatory intervention in the sector.” Read More >>

John McAfee Is Back, This Time at a ‘Hackproof’ Crypto Security Firm

John McAfee, the creator of the security software that bears his name, has gotten pretty weird over the many years of his ongoing “lunacy binge.” Just a handful of the times McAfee’s name has popped up in the news in the past few years include allegations of rape, torture, and assassinations during his time as an expat in Belize, blatant lies to the media about his supposed encryption-breaking abilities, and an ill-advised and confusing run for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination. Read More >>