Electronic Shield Makes Pub a Safe Haven from Mobile Phones

A pub in Hove on the south coast of England has come up with a novel way to differentiate itself from the local competition -- erecting a metal cage around it to block phone signals and make it a phone-free space. Like the 1970s. Read More >>

Netflix Geo-Blocking Here to Stay, Says Leaked EU Paper

The EU's long awaited look at/crack down upon the practise of geo-blocking looks like it's about to come to a head, with a leaked version of a draft recommendation suggesting it'll be business as usual for the streaming giants. All thanks to a quite pathetic opt-out clause for providers of audio and visual content. Read More >>

Microsoft Edge to “Pause” (AKA Kill All) Flash Ads in Latest Update

Adobe's Flash format death clock has ticked one second nearer midnight, with Microsoft the latest to brand much of its animating nonsense "peripheral" and nonessential to the being-on-the-internet process. Read More >>

The Government Wants to Chat About Geo-blocking

The government would like to know what you think about the EU's planned geo-blocking restrictions, with a public consultation now open to discuss the ramifications of the future enforcement of cross-border portability rules for digital services. Read More >>

Mobile Networks Plan Mass Block of Adverts on Our Phones

The world of the "free" ad-funded app and game download may be about to be tipped on its head, with a report claiming that several unnamed mobile networks are planning to switch on a universal ad-blocker some time this year. Read More >>

What Makes You Block Someone? 

People have varying thresholds of tolerance for putting up with ignorance, dickishness, and other crap online. What does it take for you to head straight for the 'Block' button on social media? Read More >>

Google Announces Massive New Restrictions on Child Abuse Search Terms

Following no small amount of pressure from the UK's Prime Minister David Cameron, Google has announced a new initiative which will see it clean up search results for queries relating to underage sexual abuse. Read More >>

ISP Porn Blocks Don’t Even Work Properly

Those who rely on TalkTalk's HomeSafe adult material blocking tool to keep the internet's flood of filth from the door are still able to access porn despite the ISP-level block, thanks to Google's image search results pages. Whoops. Read More >>

TalkTalk Having the Difficult Chat About Internet Porn With All its Users

UK ISP TalkTalk has announced it'll be taking the lead in the new rush to offer porn-free internet connections, with the network soon to ask all of its subscribers to confirm their filtering options. In short, you'll have to tell it you want porn, if you want porn. We'll assume you do. Read More >>

The Government Wants to Block Porn in Britain and Make You Declare You’re a Perve to Get It Back

Having seen how easy it is to get the ISPs to block stuff, the government is eyeing up the online porn industry as the next potential blockade target. It wants to make you opt-in for the privilege of watching smut over your broadband connection, going on record that you're a porn-lover. Read More >>

Virgin Media Auto-Censor Takes the ‘Arse’ out of ‘Arsenal’

Virgin Media's automated censoring tool has been giving everyone a good laugh over the weekend, thanks to over enthusiastically scanning programme listings and removing potentially rude words regardless of context. Read More >>