Teacher Abandons School 4G Network Block Idea

A headteacher at a school in North Yorkshire did a bit of reading up and thought she'd found a great way of ending social media bullying and the endless distraction of mobile phones on school time -- blocking the 4G network. Read More >>

Now the Government Can Choose What Porn You Watch

A new national censor, most likely the BBFC seeing as it has form in this area, is expected to be appointed by the government, and put in charge of policing the weird porn ban it thinks is going to make a difference to society. Read More >>

Blocks Reckons a Modular Smartwatch is a Less Shit Smartwatch

Project Ara might not be going quite to plan, but that doesn’t mean that modular gadgets are a bad idea. London-based Blocks Wearables reckons that offering users the option to tinker with their wristpiece is something to drool over, and it’s just sent its Kickstarter campaign live. Read More >>

Just Play With the Blocks on These Turntables to Make Music

We've heard a lot about tangible interfaces for gadgets lately — but what about tangible interfaces for music? Per Holmquist, a Swedish designer, built just that: Beat Blox, a "turntable" that makes beats based on where you place tiny blocks on its face. Read More >>

Police IP Crime Team Takes Control of Domain

Torrent dearch engine is now out of business in the UK, after our Intellectual Property Crime Unit demanded it ceases letting people download Game of Thrones and all the other potentially illegal material it hosts. Read More >>

Reddit Censored by Virgin Media’s Underground Wi-Fi Service

Those hoping to browse the endless cascade of fun, misery, news and -- whoops, my finger slipped -- pornography via Reddit on the London Underground are currently unable to do so, with the site said to be completely blocked by service provider Virgin Media. Read More >>

21 New Sites of Shame Added to BPI’s UK ISP Piracy Blockade

If you get your music from suspiciously-named sites like eMp3World and Mp3Raid you're about to find yourself out of luck, as these -- and 19 other music download sites -- are about to hit the BPI's Pirate Bay lockdown list and disappear for good. Read More >>

Interactive Blocks Are Sure To Lure Kids Back To Wooden Marble Mazes

Kids these days don't want to play with wooden blocks, they want to play wooden block games on a tablet. But Felix Heibeck has come up with a wonderful way to lure kids away from their touchscreens by adding electronic and interactive blocks to those wooden marble mazes, cleverly bridging both worlds. Read More >>

UK ISPs Enforcing “Opt-in” Porn Filtering From the End of the Year

The on-off, up-down, will-they-won't-they issue of porn filtering looks like it's about to come to some sort of (throbbing) head, with the latest government plan being to require an on-by-default porn filter across all ISPs from the end of 2013. You'll have to ask if you want it. Hopefully not in person. Read More >>

The Pirate Bay
Pirate Bay Proxy Site Added to UK Ban List Seemingly Without Authority

We think we know the names of the sites banned for offering access to the Bay's masses of torrent files, but it would appear some additional proxy sites are on the blacklist that we haven't been told about. Read More >>

Sony Doesn’t Know Whether its PS4 Will Play Used Games or Not

As well as not really knowing when it's going to come out in most bits of the world, Sony also seems to be unsure of how to answer the tricky question of whether PS4 contains any form of system to block the playing and installation of pre-owned games. Read More >>

Sky Set to Automatically Block Porn at ISP Level to Protect the Kids

The popular ISP part of BSkyB is about to implement an ISP-level porn block, which it's introducing under the guise of a selfless plan to protect the kids of the nation from seeing very bad things happening to people's bottoms online. Read More >>

What Kid Wouldn’t Want This Nuclear Power Plant Playset?

Cars, boats, trains, planes. They're all pretty standard children's toys, and there's nothing wrong with them either. But maybe you want your offspring to get to familiar with something a little more sophisticated at that formative age. How about some nuclear power plant blocks? Read More >>

Sony Patents Depressing Pre-Owned Games Blocking System

Sony Computer Entertainment has applied for a patent that would eliminate the used game market, via a system that includes a physical tag inside game boxes to check who's allowed to play it. Read More >>

David Cameron Still Angry About Porn, Promises Block in Family Homes

The PM was previously rumoured to be planning a crackdown on porn in homes where children are present, now he's come out and said it. ISPs will have to block porn by default for households who have kids. Read More >>