This Guitar Blogs

What happens when you give Steve Benford, theProfessor of Collaborative Computing in at the University of Nottingham, a guitar and some time? He creates an instrument that blogs is what. Read More >>

Twitter Worth More Than Sainsbury’s as £619 Million IPO, £8 Billion Valuation Looms

How much are your tweets worth? Perhaps as much as $12.8 billion (or almost £8 billion) if the latest Twitter valuation is to be believed. That makes it worth more than a UK supermarket stalwart, the £7.36 billion Sainsbury's, as Twitter looks to hit the stock market with a $1 billion (£619 million) initial public offering. Read More >>

The Word Weblog Was Born 15 Years Ago Today

You call this blog a blog because 15 years ago today, a guy named Jorn Barger (aka @RobotWisdom) coined the phrase "weblog." Read More >>

The Blog Is Dead; Long Live Tumblr!

Judging by Google popularity, the word "tumblr" will be a more common search term than "blog" before the end of the year. Welcome to the future, where the majority of web sites sound like band names. Read More >>