The Best PS4 Games of 2015: Bloodborne, Rocket League and More

The PS4 went from strength to strength in 2015. PlayStation Plus with its smattering of free games continued to compel, Spotify provided the tunes and (though flawed) PlayStation Now finally arrived in the UK to let us dive back into classic PS3 titles. The best PS4 games of 2015 were just the icing on the cake. Read More >>

This Hacked App Could Let You Play Bloodborne in Any Room of the House

There always comes a time when the TV is out of use for gaming – I'm looking at you Eastenders. If only I had a way to stream the game from my PlayStation 4 to another device. How about a hacked version of the PS4 Remote Play app that works on Android phones and tablets — and my Nvidia Shield? Yes. Yes. That will do nicely. Read More >>

Bloodborne or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the “You Died” Screen

In the third of our only-marginally-not-aimless gaming chinwags that are proving such a hit with the late-night, post-pub crowd, Editor Matt Hill and News Editor Gerald Lynch analyse their gaming week, casual and otherwise. This week has been mostly playing Bloodborne… or trying to. Read More >>