Amazon Exec’s AirPod Gaffe is More Disgusting Than You Think

One of the more popular takeaways from Amazon’s big hardware event yesterday was Dave Limp, the company’s Senior Vice President of Devices and Services, caught wearing an Apple AirPod during an interview. Read More >>

This Interview With Uber’s CEO Should Be Placed in a Time Capsule For the Year 2029

Uber lost a mind-boggling £4.3 billion last quarter, but the company’s CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, is still optimistic that Uber will be able to make money one day. Khosrowshahi sat down with Bloomberg Technology reporter Emily Chang yesterday and kept insisting that Uber has the ability to turn a profit, despite widespread skepticism from people who keep shorting the company’s stock since it went public back in May. Read More >>

Super Micro Says No Secret Spy Chips Found on Motherboards, Contradicting Bombshell Report

Super Micro has found no evidence of malicious microchips on its motherboards, according to a statement by the company that was released to customers today. The audit of Super Micro hardware comes on the heels of a scandalous report that Chinese spies had allegedly installed secret microchips on motherboards that were used in servers operated by giant tech companies like Apple and government agencies like the CIA. Read More >>

Apple Again Denies Chinese Spy Chip Story, This Time to US Congress

Last week, a report from Bloomberg made some wildly egregious allegations about Apple and Amazon, claiming they were among a number of victims of a Chinese surveillance operation. Both tech companies quickly and fiercely refuted the claims in the report, and now yet another strongly-worded denial is available to read in full. Read More >>

Bloomberg is Starting a “24-Hour Social News Network” Based on Twitter

Twitter has not exactly survived the last few months with a sterling reputation, in between continued controversy over its failure to adequately address rampant harassment, allegations it sold political ads to Russian foreign agents, and most recently news it had verified the account of neo-Nazi Charlottesville organiser Jason Kessler. Then there’s Twitter’s, uh, presidential problem, which may technically be good for the company’s traffic but creates a host of other problems with no signs of ebbing in the near future. Read More >>

Apple Said to be Developing Contact-Free Wireless Charging for iPhone

Apple apparently wants to help you charge your iPhone no matter where you are in your home. A new report suggests that it’s building a new wireless charging technology that wouldn’t require direct contact with a power mat. Read More >>

Bloomberg: SoundCloud is About to Sign Deals With Record Labels

Bloomberg is reporting that Soundcloud is close to signing deals with the world's largest music labels that will protect it from legal wranglings over copyright violations. Read More >>

A TV Presenter Tries to Gift Bitcoin on Air, is Immediately Robbed

This past Friday, Bloomberg TV anchor Matt Miller took an on-air opportunity to give the gift of Bitcoin to two of his fellow anchors during his "12 Days of Bitcoin" segment. And in a beautiful twist of karmic justice for running such an absurd segment in the first place, every last digitally-invested cent was stolen immediately. Read More >>

Bloomberg: A Retina iPad Mini and a Thinner iPad Are Coming

Bloomberg is reporting that a retina iPad Mini and a thinner iPad are both set to release later this year. That would confirm previous reports about how the full-sized, big boy iPad was getting the iPad Mini design treatment with a narrower bezel and a thinner body and that the iPad Mini would finally get a Retina display. Read More >>

Apple May Delay the New iPhone Because of a Change in Screen Size

Bloomberg is reporting, citing Taiwanese newspaper Commercial Times, that Apple may delay the next iPhone — after it allegedly decided to tweak its design to feature a bigger 4.3-inch retina display screen. Read More >>

FT: Thousands of Confidential Bloomberg Terminal Messages Found Online

Just the other day, the New York Post outed Bloomberg reporters for monitoring Bloomberg terminals to track Wall Street traders' accounts. Now, the Financial Times has pointed out another egregious but unrelated security problem: apparently more than ten thousand confidential terminal records have been on the Internet—searchable by Google—probably for years. Read More >>

Bloomberg Reporters Used Sketchy Terminal Access To Collect Info

Trading on Wall Street is basically a huge game of poker and it would be kind of hard to bluff or cover your strategy if Bloomberg reporters were watching your account to see which resources you were accessing on Bloomberg terminals. So, you assume that they don't abuse their company affiliation, because it would be shady and weird. Aka they are definitely doing that. Read More >>

Samsung Exec Confirms Upcoming Smart Watch

Samsung's mobile executive VP Lee Young Hee has come out and confirmed that the company is hard at work preparing a new smart watch. Read More >>

Bloomberg: No New Apple TV This Year

We heard in August that Apple had been struggling to square up the future of its TV service with the big bad cable companies over. Now, a Bloomberg source is admitting that it means no new Apple TV product will launch this year. Read More >>

Bloomberg: Amazon Is Developing a Phone

Despite the fact that it could prove to be a spectacularly bad idea, rumours are once again milling that Amazon is planning to launch a phone. Now, Bloomberg reports that Bezos and co are in the process of developing an Android handset. Read More >>