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The Best Sci-Fi Blu-rays, DVDs and Boxsets of 2015

2015 has been a pretty great year for science fiction, both on television and in the cinema. Plenty of those great offerings also made their way onto DVD and Blu-ray, so if you're still looking for some last-minute Christmas gifts there are plenty of great options available to you. Read More >>

A Pentax Q10 Camera and Superman Blu-ray Collection are Your Deals of the Day

Oh sure, we take the bulk of our photos on our smartphones too. But you know who won't be happy about this, in years to come? The selfie generation. Once they grow up and realise all those frontal pics are so pixellated in comparison to what you shoot through real cameras, they'll be mourning the day they ever developed wrinkles. Read More >>

Breaking Bad Blu-rays are Your “Go Bald as Walt Pulls it Off so Well” Deal of the Day

You Breaking Bad fans are certifiably insane, worse than the collective blind-devotion of every Smiths Disco in history, added together. Breaking Bad fans are so head-over-heels about the show that they make Scientologists look like a meh-convention. Read More >>

Elf on Blu-ray is Your Chrimbo-Starts-Now Deal of the Day

Christmas is all about stuffing your face to the point of pain and then settling down in front of the TV with your buttons undone. While there's going to be loads of films on the box, cult fave Elf has already been on, which means anyone with presents to buy probably missed it. No fear, we've got a deal for you so you can sit on a throne of lies on Christmas Day too! Read More >>

Reliving Lost on Blu-ray is Your “Polar Bears? WTF?” Deal of the Day

Do you miss trying to figure out what the crap was going on in Lost every week? Did you not see it first time around? Do you half remember something to do with some polar bears having sex with a plane while a man punched numbers into a thing while another bloke spoke in a terrible English accent? Read More >>

Tron Blu-ray Box-Set is Your “Cheap as Two Packs of Mince Pies” Deal of the Day

The best thing about the Tron films is that they dispatched with the most pointless bit of any movie -- the plot. Basically, when you have cool speeder bikes that have fancy lights on them; a discus that can take your head off, and a load of wonky synth music, the last thing you want is anything that requires emotional investment. Read More >>

Pirates of the Caribbean Box-Set is Your 5-disc Deal of the Day

There's no pirate quite like one who drink-drives huge boats on the sea, full of rum, legs withered into wood, chattering parrots and bon homie, mixed with a oddly universal Ipswich accent. The Pirate Bay and Somali pirates aren't nearly as glamorous are they? They need to start dressing in fancier clothes. Read More >>

A Tim Burton Blu-ray Box-Set is Your “I’m Staying in Until Spring” Deal of the Day

With half of Britain about to blow into the sea, it might be worth staying inside until Spring. With the comically gloomy weather, you'll need some comically gloomy films to watch while next door's car hurtles past your window at 103mph. Read More >>

Cheap Cheap Blu-rays Aren’t the Only Deal In This Bumper Friday Dealzmodo

Going to the cinema is a hellish, hellish experience. For a start, they all smell of bleach and serve congealed meat and cheese before tearing your skin off with extreme volume while teenagers dry hump each other on your shoulder. Why anyone bothers is a mystery. Read More >>

A New Pixar Blu-ray Box-Set Is Your “I Hope Autumn Never Ends” Deal of the Day

We all love Pixar movies, right? If you don't, you've probably got a heart made from oak, a piece of damp cloth where your soul should be and the sunny outlook of a November weekend in Fife. Read More >>

Megabus Tickets For a Quid Is Your Cliff Richard-Free Deal of the Day

"We’re all going on a summer holiday, no more working for a week or two, fun and laughter on a summer holiday, blah de blah blah blah blah..." Read More >>

Blu-rays From Is Your “What, They’re Still Alive and Selling?” Deal of the Day

Sometimes it feels good to splurge a huge amount of cash on something. Let today be that day, because there’s a mahoosive sale of Blu-rays going on at, so you should probably treat yourself while you can. Read More >>

34 Months Later, Avatar Will Become Available on Blu-ray In 3D

If you already own Avatar in 3D on Blu-ray, you would've had to purchase a Panasonic home entertainment kit in the last couple of years, thanks to Fox's exclusive partnership with Panny. Or, you would've resorted to forking out £26 for a second-hand copy on eBay. But finally James Cameron's eco-warrior flick will become available to home viewers, this October, in 3D. Read More >>

A Go-Kart Is Today’s Satanic Wheels Deal of the Day

Zoom! Roar! Whizz! Crash bang wallop! Yes, it’s all gone slightly wrong today, as we’ve practiced what we’re about to preach and tested today’s top deal out for ourselves, coming a massive cropper in the process. Read More >>

Trainspotting Blu-ray Is Your “Fackin’ Radge” Deal of the Day

Remember the mid-1990s? The ongoing battle between Blur and Oasis? Eric Cantona kungfu-kicking his way around the Premiership grounds of England? And the heroin? Oh, the HEROIN! Read More >>