Blu’s New Phone Has a 3,700 mAh Battery for £89

Budget smartphone brand Blu announced today that its latest phone, the Blu Life Max, will have a massive 3,700 mAh battery and a fingerprint sensor - and that if you get it on or before release day, it'll cost just 90 quid. Read More >>

The Best E-Cig (2015 Edition)

The "best e-cig" is a hard title to bestow. E-cigarettes come in so many different shapes and sizes, catering (quite literally) to so many different tastebuds and bank balances that crowning one vaping kit as the best e-cig offering out there can be contentious. Read More >>

Vivo Air Hands On: A Crazy Thin, Crazy Light, Crazy Cheap Smartphone

Apple likes to "Air" things. Macbook Air, iPad Air, and so on. But if Cupertino were going to Air the iPhone, it might look something like this. One key difference? This phone will be sold for $200 (UK pricing and availability TBC), off contract; a price that no Apple phone will ever be sold for as new. Read More >>