The New Bluetooth Sonos Feels Like a Time Warp

You don’t need the new Sonos Move. It’s a £400 Sonos speaker that sounds an awful lot like a £180 Sonos speaker but with the added benefit of being portable. You can pick it up and carry it around. If you wander away from your wifi, no problem! The Move is the first Sonos that can stream music over a Bluetooth connection, which is a big deal for any Sonos fan who’s sick of leaving their favourite speakers at home when they’re doing outdoor activities. Read More >>

The Best Cheap Bluetooth Speaker

In recent years, portable Bluetooth speakers have become essential gadgets for modern living. Going into the woods and want to listen to some Phish? Get a speaker. Want to listen to podcasts in the shower? Use a Bluetooth solution. But beyond being so useful, what’s exciting about Bluetooth speakers these days is the fact that you can get an excellent Bluetooth speaker for cheap. Heck, get one for a friend, too! Read More >>

The Best Bluetooth Speaker Now Works With Alexa and It’s Amazing

When you’re a tech journalist, your friends typically have a classic, back-pocket question around the holiday season: What should I get So-and-So as a gift? My most-used answer used to be the Boom, a Bluetooth speaker made by Ultimate Ears. This year is different. This year it’s the Blast, an Alexa-powered speaker made by angels from heaven. Read More >>

Oh Great, Now Bluetooth Speakers Are Exploding

This week’s edition of Batteries Are Dangerous brings us to the great state of New Jersey, where a Bluetooth speaker recently started burning on a girl’s bed and then exploded. Thankfully, nobody was hurt, and the house didn’t burn down. The incident still serves as a cautionary tale for us all. Read More >>

Bose’s New Speaker Only Costs £113 But You Have to Build It Yourself

Every company wants kids to build stuff. Not in an illegal child labour kind of way, but in a fun and educational kind of way. Ball robots are teaching kids code and Google’s new modular blocks work toward a similar goal. But Bose’s BOSEbuild speaker is more interested in teaching the ins and outs of sound and speaker design. It also looks cool as hell. Read More >>

B&O’s Beoplay A1 is the First Interesting Bluetooth Speaker in Ages

It’s been at least a year since I’ve seen a new portable Bluetooth speaker that wasn’t some half-hearted rehash of the millions that came before. But this little B&O number? It’s something. Read More >>

Buy This Wooden Speaker, Help a Deaf Person Hear

LSTN isn’t your average audio company. The Los Angeles-based enterprise turned heads a couple years ago when it started selling sleek wood and chrome headphones. Now, LSTN is expanding into the world of Bluetooth speakers with a very lovely box named Apollo. Read More >>

UE Speakers Now Let Three People DJ at Once

Ultimate Ears make some of the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy and now they’ve just added a neat feature which makes them even more sociable: you can now have up to three people sharing songs trough the same speaker at once. Read More >>

The New Beats Pill+ Looks Like a Rip-Off

The latest addition to the Beats lineup, the Pill+ Bluetooth speaker looks familiar. As tech blogs breathlessly report on the brand’s first speaker since it was acquired by Apple, it seems immediately apparent that Beats has built yet another overpriced object that lacks the best features of its competitors. Read More >>

UE Boom 2: The Best Bluetooth Speaker is Now Waterproof for the Same Price

For a couple of years now the UE Boom has been the Bluetooth speaker I recommend to people. With the UE Boom 2, it gets better, and even harder to argue with in an increasingly crowded field of competitors. Read More >>

This Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Could Be the New Tiny Champ

The company behind the best Bluetooth speaker we love, the UE Boom, has completely revamped its smallest speaker into a new £99 noise machine. Ultimate Ears’ Roll could be the best new tiny guy on the market. Read More >>

UE Megaboom: The Best Bluetooth Speaker, Supersized 

Ultimate Ears' Boom is the best all around portable Bluetooth speaker you can buy. With the new Megaboom speaker announced just now at CES, UE takes that superb design and makes it bigger, tougher and, perhaps, even better. Read More >>

The Best Bluetooth Speaker for Every Portable Need

Your average cheap portable Bluetooth speaker is rubbish: the crap to quality ratio in the category is absurd. But I've spent the last few months combing through loads of speakers and found four that are actually good. Read More >>

Quirky’s Ohm Bluetooth Speaker Charges Wirelessly So it’s Always Ready

Portable Bluetooth speakers are awesome and convenient until, inevitably, you want to take yours somewhere and it's out of batteries. This new speaker from Quirky is less likely to suffer this indignity because it charges wirelessly. Read More >>

Vizio’s New Bluetooth Speakers Have Android KitKat Tablets Built-In

Bluetooth speakers are all the same right? You connect your phone to them to wirelessly beam bumping music. Not Vizio's brand new Smart Audio speakers though. Vizio's Bluetooth speakers also have a freaking Android tablet running KitKat built in. Yes, there are 7-inch and 4.7-inch tablets on speakers now. Read More >>