MWC 2019: BMW Gets Touchy-Feely With its Latest In-Car Innovations

MWC isn’t just about smartphones, it’s got cars too. Just like CES, Barcelona’s biggest tech event now attracts automotive manufacturers who want to show off their latest innovations. This year, BMW had a slick and stylish booth that featured its latest whizz; Natural Interaction. It’s a neat variation on the theme that was showcased at CES earlier in the year, but with new and improved touchy feely bits added for good measure. Read More >>

CES 2019: BMW’s Vision iNext Wants to be Like Your Living Room on Wheels

Full marks have to go to BMW for coming up with an experience that really captures the imagination at CES 2019. Vital to your visit in the Silver Lot outside the Convention Centre is to spend a bit of time taking a look at the BMW Vision iNext, which is a concept car that is a little bit different. Actually, make that a lot different. It’s good on the eyes from the outside, but once the double doors open up the interior is the thing that really grabs you. Read More >>

500 BMW i3 Batteries Have Been Added to a Welsh Wind Farm

It's a well known fact that lithium ion batteries degrade over time, and there are some EV naysayers that love to point this out whenever the topic of electric car batteries comes up. It's true, eventually there will be a point where those batteries won't be all that useful for driving - for a variety of reasons. But those old batteries aren't scrapped, they're put to use elsewhere. Nissan's been connecting old batteries to solar panels and installing them in homes, and a bunch of BMW i3 batteries have just been installed at a Welsh wind farm. Read More >>

BMW is Bringing Wireless Charging to Cars Later This Summer

There's been a lot of talk about adding wireless charging features to cars, though the main focus has been to try and figure out how they can charge up as you drive around. But you have to start somewhere, and BMW has confirmed that it will be starting to produce its inductive charging pad in July. Read More >>

Software Engineer Claims BMW Automatic Door Chopped Off His Thumb

A software engineer in Long Island, New York, claims the automatic door on his BMW X5 chopped off his right thumb, and now he is suing the luxury auto manufacturer. Read More >>

BMW Shows Off Full Electric Mini Designs

We now know what the UK-built electric Mini is going to look like, courtesy of brand custodian BMW. It's a Mini, of course, but with glowly swooshy bits to tell everyone it's got the posh new kind of motor and a battery inside that'd keep a smartphone operational for a decade. Read More >>

UK Wins Battle to Build Full Electric Mini

The forthcoming electric version of BMW's next-generation Mini is to be built in the UK, as the company's bosses have decided that our Oxford base is the best place to knock them out from, despite all the UK/EU/Brexit hoo-haa that had some worrying end production might be handled elsewhere. Read More >>

This Car Crash Looks Like It Was Coded By Bethesda

A BMW driver in Banbury managed to crash his car in the tidiest way possible yesterday: Read More >>

Future Tech Crime Division Locks Thief Inside Car He Stole

A car thief, after having enjoyed a little sleep in the BMW he'd just stolen, woke up to find he was locked in the vehicle -- thanks to the modern wonders of GPS tracking and remote locking and everyone coming together to punish a bad man. Read More >>

Look at the State of This BMW i8

We spotted this monstrosity tainting the already filthy pages of the internet earlier and couldn’t live with ourselves if we didn’t bring it to your attention. Read More >>

This Company Will Build You a Real-Life Transformer

Admit it, ever since you learned that Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots and Decepticons crashed on Earth, you’ve secretly always wondered what a real-life, full-sized Transformer would look like. Good news, a company in Turkey wants to sell you one. Read More >>

Armed Robbers Use Pokémon Go To Find 9 Victims

The new augmented reality game Pokemon Go has managed to get people off the sofa and into the real world. But police in O’Fallon, Missouri say that four men have used the game to find players at a specific location, and robbed them using a handgun. Read More >>

BMW’s Ugliest Concept Car Inspired Puma’s Ugliest Trainers

Way back in 2008 BMW revealed an especially outlandish concept car called the GINA Light Visionary Model that traded metal body panels for a flexible lycra-like fabric wrapped around the vehicle. It wasn’t exactly pretty, which makes it harder to understand why Puma would use it as inspiration for a new shoe. Read More >>

BMW Drivers Will Soon Have Traffic Light Timers on Their Dashboards

Should I be slowing down in that case that upcoming green light turns yellow? How long am I going to be stopped at this red light? These are questions all drivers ask but never really expect to get answers to—unless they’re driving a BMW, now. Read More >>