British BMX Olympians Will Use Drone Tech to Improve Pedal Power

Drones and BMX bikes. They go together like cheese and pickle, don't they? No. No they don't, which is why the news that Team GB's BMX bike riders are apparently using drone technology to shave seconds off their track times was initially something of a head-scratcher. Read More >>

Redbull bmx jumping
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Watch This Insane Man Jump a BMX Between Ginormous Ukrainian Satellite Uplink Dishes

You know those enormous satellite dishes that uplink to satellites and command nuclear strikes from high-Earth orbit, Goldeneye­­-style? Imagine jumping between them, in and out of the dishes, pulling tricks on a BMX. Yes, this man is insane, and yes, that's one hell of a view. [Redbull] Read More >>

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Hacking a BMX Bike to Spin Sick Beats

COGOO, a Japanese bike-sharing service has invented the most face-melting way to ride on a pair of wheels. It took a BMX bike and turned it into a DJ toolkit, so jumps and tricks become fresh beats. Read More >>